The Magical Realism in Of Love and Other Deamons by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

In Gabriel Garcia Marquezs. Of Love and Other Deamons, the author uses the technique of magical realism: a style of writing which combines realistic situations and events with myth and fantasy. Throughout the novel Garcia Marquez uses very real situations but tWists them With intelligent and magical drops of sight. smell, touch and color. In the first chapter, the thought of a rabid dog running the streets in a little town of Colombia isnt very hard to believe. Neither is the concept of slave bargaining, or even the thought of a mother so sick from drug addiction that she is not a fit mother, However, Garcia Marquez brings to life the ash-gray colored dog With a white blaze in its forehead bursting onto the rough terrain of the market with his words so that the reader can almost feel the burst of wind the that dog makes and see the dirty color of his fur.

The character of Bernarda Cabrera is seen as the mother whos instincts and looks failed her because of the effect of fermented honey.

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Her demeanor is described best in the first chaper when Garcia Marquez writes.

Her Gypsy eyes were extinguished and her wits dullled, she shat blood and vomited bile, her sirens body became as bloated and coppery as athreer day old corpse. These words jump off the page to demonstrate how real these characters in his world are. On a different level, the placement of the house on the plantation which was placed cleverly next to the Divma Pastora Asylum for Female Lunatics, I think that the author chose this particular establishment to have next to the plantation to show the absurdity of the people in the house and foreshadowrng the events to come.

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Sierva Maria as a whole is magical realism. She lives in a place where very little of the insanity from the house can touch her. She is the only one in the novel who can give or receive real love; first to Domingathen to Fr. Delaura. The use of magical realism has gone through much criticism, but 1 think that it is the only way to escape the norm without going into complete fantasy. For myself, I like the fact that everything magic will have its place and make sense at the end. It is a simple way of making the imagination come to life,

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