The Magical Escapade For Your Winter Holidays 

It had been a long year for you. A year filled with hectic schedules and endless stress from work, school, and all the other sources of stress this world can offer. And definitely, you deserve a break. If you think the world is just a set of stressful phenomena, well, let me take you to 3 of the most classical and magical places on earth, from Maldives all the way to the Iceland. So hold your breath and let’s dive in! Coco Privé in Maldives Looking for a place where you can think and contemplate on life? A place with lesser noise and better sights, drawing you back to the beauty of true nature and scent of real wonder? Then this is the perfect destination for you.

Coco Privé is one of the most splendid private resort in Maldives. In order to get in here, you would really have to book ahead of time since it is only available for exclusive reservations.

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For a total of $45, 000 for every night of your stay, the wonderful island offers you a master residence featuring five guest villas. They proudly present as well, their wine cellar with over 150 champagne bottles that were delicately selected by a sommelier plus they also have a cocktail bar that offers you a classy drinking experience. For book lovers, they also have their library with books of different genres. To enjoy sports while on the island, they also have indoor and outdoor gym areas. Of course, for a complete stay-in experience, they have a classy taste and delicacy for food.

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They have state-of-the-art kitchen and dining rooms, or you may enjoy your food and champagne while taking a swim in their 40-metre long pool filled with 24-hour hosts and butlers. They also offer a luxurious party as a lenient bonus for your island retreat, blended with fireworks display, tropical disco, state-of-the-art culinary experience, and a bonfire during twilight.  Do you wish to spend your Christmas season in a more classical space? Here is the best spot for you. La Réserve Paris offers you a week of fairytale. A festive and magical living experience in a castle, sleeping and waking up like queens and kings, princes and princesses of your own castle ground.

Your deluxe odyssey even starts with a fairytale-like program which includes a cruise experience on the Seine, an exclusive visit around the Louvre Museum, and a one-of-a-kind VIP sojourn to the famous Eiffel  Tower of France which is typically a reservation intended for states visits. At Christmas eve, guests are taken by an exclusive helicopter to the largest exclusive and secluded estate in France- Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte. The Chateau is built in 17th century by Nicolas Fouquet, who was at that time the superintendent of finance of the Sun King, King Louis XIV. For five generations, this estate is owned by one French family. But for the first time in forever, they opened its doors to welcome tourists and guests to enjoy their Christmas eve in this medieval, classical, and magical castle.

And from the lavish carriage ride around the gardens which were designed by the landscape artist of Versailles- André Le Nôtre- to the opulent and luxurious dining experience in a festive and convivial reception hall prepared by the executive chef of the two famous and extravagant Le Gabriel restaurant, blended with sheening firework displays would definitely complete your magical and marvelous evening in the estate. The Blue Lagoon which is located in a lava field in SouthWestern Iceland, is one of the major attractions and most visited places in the country. It is a geothermal area wherein electrical power comes directly from a nearby geothermal plant and the water minerals which are good for restoration of health and wellness.

And this holiday season is the perfect time to get to discover a fantastic and sensational landscape from Europe. Celebrating winter with solace resolve. Iceland’s famous Blue Lagoon got it for you. In the Lagoon Suite that starts a price of $2,400 every night, you are offered a two-room suite at their very own private lagoon that gives you the most intimate and unique experience. All guests of haven are given the access to the Retreat Spa of the lagoon which has the three-step spa ritual, steam rooms, sauna, a cold well, a restaurant that serves native Iceland dishes, and a lot more. All facilities perfect to revel in.

You may also enjoy their most popular treatment known as In-Water Massage which is designed and built to bring together the wondrous effects and therapeutic properties of massage therapy, the geothermal water (blended with natural steam from the surrounding volcanic vista. Extract your stress out of your body and enjoy the perfect place where fire and ice meets. Tis’ the season to enjoy these beautiful wonders of the world and make your Winter holidays more special. You deserve it for a job well done all throughout the year.

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