The Lucky One Alternate Ending Essay

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The Lucky One Alternate Ending

The rain and wind lashed the branches on either side of them, cutting their faces and hands. Beth nor Keith could see a thing due to the storm. The fallen branches on the path didn’t help much either.

Beth knew that she had to hurry to get to Ben. But the faster she ran, the more she fell. Keith was right behind her and wasn’t staying on his feet well either. The mud was thick, sucking their feet in like a suction cup.

By the time they made it to the bridge that crossed over to the tree house, both had taken a great beating from nature. Neither realized how bad they were hurt due to their attention on their child.

“Ben!” Beth cried as she fell to the ground. She held her ankle and stared at her son as if there was nothing for her to do. Keith knelt down beside her and examined it quickly. “Wait here.” Keith told Beth. The weather was getting worse by the minute. Ben was holding on for dear life and Thibault was nowhere in sight. Keith ran over to the bridge and hesitated once he seen that it was on the verge of collapsing. He watched his son dangle from a piece of the mangled bridge. He turned around to see Thibault running up to him.

“Grab my hand!” Thibault yelled to Ben.
“I can’t! I’ll fall.” Ben sobbed.
“Remember the picture in your pocket. It will keep you safe.”
“Are you sure?”
Ben hesitated but grabbed ahold of Thibault’s hand. Logan tried to pull him up but he was leaning over the edge too far. Before they knew it, they had fallen into the stream. They disappeared.
Beth crawled over to the edge of the stream.
“No!” Beth cried.
The water was too powerful for either of them to get out. They were half way underwater before clayton could do anything about it. They were gone, nowhere to be found. Sucked under by the raging waters.

Beth cried for days, weeks, months. Her son and her love were gone. She was left with the monster that she called her son’s dad. She had to live without her child. She had nana but a week after the death of Ben and Logan, she died of a heart attack. She was alone, taking care of everything.

For about a month she gave up, didn’t want anything to do with anyone. The only time she left the house was to get food and to go to the funerals. She was broken but she knew she had to move on and she did. It may never be the same but she couldn’t live the way she was. She’d end up like them, dead to everyone and herself.

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