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The low growth of women Essay

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Due to the low growth of women entering in the politics, people all around the world are suggesting different approaches to enhance the growth of women in the political sector. Applying quota system is one of the approaches. The initiation of quotas in legislation for women puts forward a policy of precise means and goals. Due to the system’s affectability and efficiency the masses think that this approach will increase the representation of women in the politics. But these quota systems also face strong resilience and raise very serious questions.

How to execute the quota policy? What happened to the countries who adopted the quota systems? What arguments come up for the use of quotas? Justification: The main thought behind using the quota approach is to encourage women to participate more in politics and work in political positions and also see to that the women are not only a few tokens in the political scenario. Quotas ensure that women are entitled to have a specified percentage of the associates in the legislative body, whether it is a committee, an assembly or a government.

Quota systems help to raise the representation of women in the political world to ensure that women are not left out or being isolated and are at the every step of the political systems (Niven, 1998). Pros of quota system: ? Quotas will help to minimize the stress faced by the already present token women in the parliament or committee. ? It will help to raise the rights of women as a civilian in the same demonstration. ? The need of women’s experiences in the political life can be filled. ? It will help to represent the qualities and qualifications of women, which are the same as men, in the male dominated society.

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? The fact is the political parties nominate the selections, not the voters, who only decide which nominee is elected. ? Conflicts may arise by applying quotas, but it would be temporary and will do a lot of good in the long run in the representation of women in the political frame. Opposing view point: According to Anna Balletbo and many others quotas are considered as double ended swords. Each end gives the male the upper hand over women. At one end, men think to empower the women by involving them in decision making and creating more opportunities for them.

But at the other end, the men who are responsible for creating opportunities for women will try to find the women whom they can manage very easily and only allow the specific type of women who accept the domination of man over women (International IDEA, 2007). Cons of quota system: ? Quotas represent unequal opportunity for all as it is not purely based on merit and favors women. ? Quotas also represent an undemocratic atmosphere as the voters are not able to make the decision about who is going to be elected.

? Quotas simply shows that the political candidates are nominated because of their gender rather then their qualifications, which creates a system of unfairness as merit is not being preferred and people with higher capabilities and higher qualifications are brushed aside by the quota system. ? Women don’t want to get involved in politics because of the perception that women cannot be a part of government. ? Implementation of quotas will create many inter- party conflicts and lead to political instability. Conclusion:

The primary objective of quota system is to increase the number of women in the political scenario and clearly represent the under acknowledge gender in the political system. A successful quota arrangement will allow the ample amount of qualified women candidates to be recruited by the political group or party, and a certain number of women will be in the part of the government instead of the few token one’s and lastly it will allow the elected women candidates to enforce their idea’s and their feminist thinking in decision making process.

Just to pass a rule to allow women a 30 per cent seats in the parliament is not adequate. Implementation of the quotas is essential. Regulations should be kept clear cut, the vaguer they are, the more the risk of the non-implementation of quota regulations. Implementing the quota system will not silence its critics, as the regulatory body and the supporters of quota system need to understand, that their criticism is not temporary and have to be dealt throughout the future. By introducing quota system in the government bodies, in the past decade, has made considerable rise in the women politicians in most of the countries.

These countries experienced a change in the policies and a significant growth in the women decision making. But it also depends upon the women as to how much they are loyal to their respective political parties and how much of the policy of quota is implemented (Tremblay, 2008). Through research it has been shown that women who are engaged in some sort of civil society work have got a higher chance of getting elected then the one’s who don’t and they also enjoy a greater influence on bills and policies then other women.

Even if the quota system is implemented many hurdles are still to overcome in all the male-dominated societies. Reference: Niven, David. The Missing Majority: The Recruitment of Women as State Legislative Candidates. Praeger, 1998. International IDEA. Designing for Equality: Best-Fit, Medium-Fit and Non-Favourable Combinations of Electoral Systems and Gender Quotas. International Idea, 2007. Tremblay, Manon. Women and Legislative Representation: Electoral Systems, Political Parties, and Sex Quotas. Palgrave Macmillan, 2008.

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