The Love Of Parents

I stood outside and waited patiently for my mother to come out of the house and say goodbye before I went to school.

I believed she would just feel it in her blood that I was waiting for her somehow. This is something she had always done unconditionally; it was in her just for me, this love that’s just flowing from her heart. There would be moments where she’d come to see me and tell me goodnight, brushed my hair and kissed me goodbye before I went to school. It was such a sweet feeling to feel loved, especially by your parent.

Ideally, a parent’s love is always genuine – this was something I truly believed. My childhood was complicated. I moved from school to school quite a bit when I was younger. This meant that I did not get to keep the friends I made. Oftentimes, I felt like I was to blame because I’d make friends only to move away and leave them all behind.

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As such, I was always hanging around my parents. Looking back, I think that was a real blessing in disguise. Although I did not appreciate it as much at the time, the bond that developed between my parents and me during those days actually meant a lot to me.

It helped me cope with the pressures of life especially at the times when I’ve been most vulnerable Between each other, my parents always had a strong relationship and being raised in a stable family has really been a great thing.

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As a teenager, and the unstable hormones that came alone with being one, my parents still accepted me unconditionally. I remember those days when I would be arrogant, uncontrollable and with an attitude problem. I was all those things and yet they still did not give up on me. I remember how my mom would still look at me and say, “I believe there’s a better person inside you”.

Today I believe that everyone has something inside of them that makes them fundamentally good people. My mother shaped my childhood positively because she believed in me and my inherent virtues. Her faith in me has actually helped become one of the most important lessons I’ve ever learnt. She’s a big reason why I am who I am today. I remember one morning after having a fight with my mother, I woke up feeling tired. I had been watching movies for the better part of the night, and I was still lethargic. I was spread out on my bed when I saw a blue envelope.

Inside it was a love letter from mom. It was a poignant and heartfelt letter that only a mother could write. There was however one part of the letter that touched me immensely – it read: “when you love someone, you give your all and expect nothing in return; you give me the true meaning of life”. I was at such a loss for words. What she wrote in that letter brought tears to my eyes and with the guilt in my heart I wrote back letting her know how much I love her as well. From that day onwards, I started looking at things in a different light.

I revised my definition of love and my list of priorities, deciding to become more focused in my life. I was transformed and started becoming more responsible. Her love guided me in every step of the way. She provided a shoulder for me to lean on. She had a smile to share when I was down and always had a heart full of love and care for me. Indeed my mother’s love made me see a better day. It’s a big truth to say that raising a teenager is not a joke, especially bearing in mind the social particulars that come with it.

I believe it takes a brave and compassionate heart such as the ones my parents had to deal with all these. Apart from performing the daily rituals of waking me up to go to school, helping me with school assignments and working for our family – my dad was a part of my life in every way. He was always around for academic meetings; he participated in my extracurricular activities and took care of my social wellbeing. Consequently, my mom took care of my spiritual upbringing.

She made sure that I said all my prayers and participated in different activities that would enable my growth. Everything she did, she did for me and always, I have never failed to see her as anything but happy. This is why I’ve come to believe that one of the ways in achieving happiness, possibly the only way is to give your all and expect nothing in return. Today even though I am a little distant, I can still feel my parent’s presence in every aspect of my life. I know that what I am today reflects on the person they’ve molded me to become.

My social life, my spirituality – it all reflects upon their beliefs and how they looked at things. My parents never left my side at any given time. Whenever I needed them I know that I could count on their support. Hence, I appreciate them even more because they have shown me the true meaning of life. Parental love is indeed deep and genuine; it’s not a small truth that you just take for granted. It’s one of the few things that you can count on that’s unending and constant. At least that is what I truly believe in to be true.

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The Love Of Parents

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