The Lottery Analysis Essay

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The Lottery Analysis

1. Early in the story, the boys stuff their pockets with stones, foreshadowing the attack in the story’s conclusion. What other examples of foreshadowing can you identify? Another foreshadow examples identified in the story is when Mr. Summers brought the black box in, everybody distance themselves from the stool, and even as he seeks help, “Some of you fellows want to give me a hand?” (416). There was still hesitation because of fear of unknown. Also when the lottery started and the first man “Adams” was called to pick a folded paper, as he passes by and greet Mr. Summers, “They grinned at one another humorlessly and nervously” (418).

As he went back, he did hastily showing nervousness. Another foreshadow example was seen when Mr. Delacroix was called as his wife was panic, she held her breath and said “There goes my man” (419). Even when everyone already picked the folded paper, the men were holding the paper turning them over and over nervously. When the Hutchinson family was called to pick their own paper, Mrs. Hutchinson becomes panic and emotional as her family has the black slip, she becomes hysterical ”You didn’t give him time enough to take any paper he wanted. I saw you. It wasn’t fair” (419).

2. How does the contrast between the two sisters’ appearances, personalities, lifestyles, and feelings about the quilts help to convey the story’s theme? Dee and Maggi’s outlook are different. Maggi and their mother Mrs. Johnson both have different qualities and philosophies in life. They both are simple and valued culture and heritage for its usefulness as well as its personal significant by living and doing simple things in life. She rejects Dee’s materialistic connection to her heritage. Maggi is shy and passive similar to her mother’s believe about heritage, but Dee represent materialistic and modern way of life where culture and heritage are to be valued only for their artist appeal. She is ashamed of her family heritage and what they represent.

The theme is shown in the symbolism use. The quilts are the chief symbols, and they stand for the ties of family heritage. What would Dee do with the quilts? “Hang them” she said. (428). Dee thinks Maggi does not understand her heritage and cannot appreciate the quilts, but she does when she “Can ‘member grandma Dee without the quilts”. (429). Obviously, the theme of the story which is the importance of heritage is shown in this. Although, Maggi and their mother may be uneducated, they do understand the meaning of family heritage. Dee has all the education and sophistication of the world and she just does not get it. So by giving the quilts to Maggi, Mrs. Johnson shows that she understand the importance of heritage.

3. At several points in the story, the narrator’s wife loses patience with him. What causes her displeasure? What do her reactions reveal about the wife? About the narrator? The narrator’s wife was displeasured about her husband’s behavior towards the coming of the blind man; she was displeasured because of her husband’s deliberate insensitivity towards the blind man. She sees her husband as being selfish and who does not show empathy as he told his wife “I don’t have blind friends” (434). His wife does not like the way he makes joke about the blind man so she was displeased with him.

This reaction reveals that she is sensitive and she is emotional as indicated by her friendship with the blind man who uses tactile ability to touch her face which is one event she will never forget. This also reveals her kindness and being empathetic as she told her husband “his wife just died! Don’t you understand that? The man lost his wife!” (434). The reactions reveal that her husband does not care about his wife as the wife told him when he joked of taking the blind man bowling when he arrives ‘’If you love me” (434). This implies that the wife doubt her husband love for her.

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