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The lost boys

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (480 words)
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The Lost Boys is a horror film, a Gothic horror film. Gothic horror is associated with death, blood and much more. Gothic horror uses non-negative iconography for example vampires, zombies, ghosts. Modern horror tends to follow on from Gothic horror, but Gothic horror is very different from modern day horror, for example in Gothic horror there is occasionally a romantic story to it. Also modern horror uses a lot of special effects and Gothic horror relies more on the viewer’s opinions and imagination.

Fear is crated in the viewer’s imagination more than on the cinema screen with blood and gore. When directing a Gothic horror the director must use different techniques to create and sustain horror. He could use different camera shots and angles, the point of view camera shot is a very effective camera shot because it can show the monsters point of view getting its prey. The director could also use many more techniques that I will explain about later in this essay.

The main actors in the film are Keifer Sutherland (David) and Jason Patric (Michael).

In the other films Keifer Sutherland has been in he always seems to be the villain. For example he is in ” The Killing Time” & “Crazy Moon” which he plays a similar part in both (villain). However Jason Patric usually takes the role as the hero or good character. This suggests that both Sutherland and Patric will play similar roles in this type of movie. The director of the film is Joel Schumacher he is a talented director and has directed films such as, “The Number 23″ and ” The Crowded Room” both of which have a horror link into it.

This would make the film seem stereotyped due to Patric and Sutherland both been good & evil and Schumacher directing horror films suggesting the film could be good and of a horror genre. “The Lost Boys” was first a film written by J. M Barrie about a well known story off Peter pan, Peter Pan was known for been “The boy that never got old or grew up. ” Which was written by J. M Barrie in the book about Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. This creates an inter-textual reference between the two stories because vampires supposedly never getting old.

In The ” Peter Pan & Lost Boys” They are searching for a mother and Wendy takes this role. In Schumachers “Lost Boys” The mother of Michael gives some boys some money this is another inter-textual part of the film showing that she could take the role of Wendy. When the title of “The Lost Boys” is presented at the start of the film I thought it was unusual because the letters all start at the same height but start to hang down in different sizes. This is irregular and could give the audience idea linking to vampires.

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