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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Essay

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The Fellowship of the Rings is the first volume of the three in the Lord of Rings. This trilogy is regarded as one of the finest fictional narratives of the twentieth century. The person that is considered The Lord of the Rings is Sauron, who lost the One Ring long ago that contained most of his power. Sauron desires to recover the lost Ring and use it to enslave the entire Middle-earth. The paper will be analyzing this story extensively. The Fellowship of the Ring starts with the 111th birthday party of Bilbo.

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He gives his ring to Frodo his heir. However, when the time reaches for him to part with the ring, Bilbo becomes reluctant to do so. He finally gives a ring once his friend Gandalf urge him to do so. This paper will be an extensive analysis of this book, looking into some of the literary elements used by the author such as themes, symbolism, and setting.

Evil is presented as the opposite of creativity in the Tolkien world, and it depends on destruction to form its basis. On the other hand, goodness is related to the beauty of creation and the preservation of all created things. These two symbolic ideologies are presented in the Elven Ring, which is a symbol of goodness, and One Ring which is a symbol of evil. Throughout this novel, Bilbo, who is ‘The Hobbit’ main character displayed his goodness. A good example of this goodness is when he chose to spare the life of corrupt and evil Gollum. Bilbo did this out of pity when they were in the dark caves located under the mountain. He was in a position to kill this horrid creature since he was wearing the ring that gave invisibility power, but he chose to jump past it. Gandalf lectures Frodo for praising Bilbo for sparing Gollum.

Several themes are evident in this story. One is the theme of the corrupting influence of power. This is portrayed by Sauron who bound so much of his power in the One Ring when he created it. The real nature and extent of this Ring’s power do not become entirely clear to the reader; it hints at us that it is a symbol of limitless power that is very corrupting. The Ring seems to tempt almost every character to take it for themselves and use it for their benefits. Another evident theme is the power of myth. This story is written in a mythic mode, and this is shown by its demonstration of a myth that the past is glorious than the current. This story is between a faction and a mythology narrative. The theme of song and dance is also present in the story. In the course of this novel, almost every character seems to burst into a song. Each song is presented to the reader with an inclusion of every verse and refrain. The use of songs in this story takes us back to the past when the spoken work dominated the written word. The songs also give the readers a sense that whatever they are reading is related to something ancient.

Symbolism is a concept that is evident in several scenarios in this book. First, the Rings of Power present limitless power, and the responsibilities and dangers that come along with it. The Ring possessed by Sauron has unimaginable power to anyone who wears it, and it ends up corrupting them no matter their intentions. Conversely, the Elven Rings have different powers that for instance are tied to building and learning. Another symbolic item is the sword of Elendil. This sword belonged to Elendil, and it was broken when he died. Its pieces have been passed from generation to the other in remembrance of his great kingdom. The mirror of Galadriel symbolizes the ambiguity of the knowledge gift and how uncomprehensive fate is. By just looking at the mirror, one sees the places and events that have been, are existent or will exist. The mirror shows events that will happen or those that have already happened.

According to Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings trilogy was not written as an allegory of Christianity, but the entire epic if full of religious symbolism. The author seems to relate some of his character’s actions such as Gandalf and Bilbo to those of Christ in the Bible. Bilbo acted just the way Christ would in the Hobbit. He possessed the Ring of power, and in most cases, he was tempted to use its powers for the wrong reasons. However, the hobbit did not give in to these powers, similar to when Jesus resisted temptation when he was in the desert. Gandalf is another Christian-like manifestation in Tolkien’s work (Urang, n.p). Gandalf lays down his life just like Jesus for his friends. He also knows that bearing the Ring is unworthy to him. He is an important pawn to the dwarves and hobbit in their adventure. He acts as a guide and helper during the journey. Similarly, Christians believe that Christ is always their guide in their lives. Gandalf compares to Jesus, not because he performed any miracle, but because of his spell casting and magic.

Frodo is portrayed as a hero in this novel. He goes through all the trials and temptations that a hero goes through, and portrays the traits of a real hero. Frodo learns so many things about life during his journey of returning the ring to Mount Doom. He goes through pain, loses a loved one, but he also experiences happiness at some point. Frodo’s life changes when he receives the ring and has to endure the separation from his normal life. Frodo has to this ring to a place he has never been to before, and he does not know what will happen to him, or the encounters he will go through. His journey is also not clear as he does not know where he is going. The separation from his family to undertake an unknown journey is an act of being a hero.

In conclusion, this mythological masterpiece presents a story that takes the reader back to so many years ago. The author incorporates different themes and other literary devices in the story which make it captivating. In particular, the Ring is a representation of limitless power. The nature of evil is also demonstrated through Sauron, the Lord of the Ring. The author of this book has been shown fascinating imagination and the knowledge about myths and the Christian principles. Tolkien’s characters are an epitome of evil and good, and the Ring itself had evil powers. Bilbo and Frodo portray Christ-like characteristics of kindness. For instance, Bilbo spared the life of Gandalf while Frodo took up the task of taking the Ring back to Mount Doom. The story is mesmerizing to the reader as it is captivating to the last page.

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