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The Lord of the Rings Essay

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The Lord of the Rings

The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring is no doubt one of the most successful films of all time. The main reason it is and the main reason of this essay is the contrast between the forces of good and evil. The division of good and evil is clear from the start of the film right to the very end. At the end it seems as though evil is dominating and threatening to triumph over good forever. Camera shots are used to show this contrast As soon as the film has begun there are long slow moving ‘panning shots’ which show a vast area of the setting.

This camera shot is often used in the film and are used to set the scene. The effect given by this particular camera angle is that the area is calm and peaceful. It is a place full of grass, trees, flowers etc. This suggests a world of innocence or good. Further on in the film, the evil comes into the picture. The camera shots used for evil areas or evil people are almost exactly opposite to those of the good parts of the film.

Although the camera shots are still panning shots, rather than show a few slow moving camera angles, it shows many quicker moving shots. This helps to add the evil effect and to emphasise that the place is quicker in movement and it is no longer calm and peaceful. This happens very early on too. It happens when we first see the evil tower. The filmmaker also uses many ‘low angle’ camera views. These angles are used to show a character or building seem more threatening, larger, imposing and/or powerful.

This is shown as soon as the evil comes into the picture when the tower/castle is shown. It is dark and is taken from a low angle for the effect. It also happens a lot to Gandalf, the wizard, when he is around the hobbits. There are other camera angles used too that include ‘high angle’ shots. These are obviously the opposite of low angle shots. They are used to show a person or building seem smaller and less threatening. An example could be when we see hobbits.

Hobbits are very small creatures so high angle shots would be used here. Close-up and extreme close-up shots are used too. These are used to show facial expression. This is very often in he film. Probably every scene in the film has a close-up and extreme close-up shot. There are also double shots. This is when two people are shown in the picture and this shot is often used to show conversation. A good example of this is when Gandalf and Bilbo, the hobbit, are smoking the ‘weed’ late at night. This is also very early on in the film.

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