The Long yet Fulfilling Journey: A Personal Mythology Essay

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The Long yet Fulfilling Journey: A Personal Mythology

A pen. My first choice is a sleek, black, fine ballpoint pen. This pen is not only a thing I use to write down my experiences—happy moments, sad battles, tragedies, enlightenment, and success—on paper. This pen is also a weapon. It’s a weapon that can be drawn like a sword at times of need, when I’m cornered, have no way to go, and is facing a difficult situation. This pen is a weapon sharper than the sharpest sword ever made.

It can deal wounds not just in the physical body but even deeper just through the words I write. It can stab directly at the heart of my enemies and leave them broken. But this pen is also a thing I use to bring happiness to those I hold dear. It’s what I use to draw and write heartwarming messages to family and friends, giving them enlightenment and hope and leaving bright smiles in their beautiful faces. Paper. This flat, white sheet of paper is a medium. It’s a medium that narrates my life’s story.

It’s what I use to impart the lessons I gain in my life. It is a map for me—a map that leads me to the things I want to ultimately achieve. It’s a medium wherein I illustrate that path I will take, a plan for the coming days, months, and even years. It’s what I use to envision a new world, create vehicles and animals for my use like planes and cranes, and start on new journeys to worlds unknown, with fairies, nymphs, and elves. Earrings. This pair of earrings is not like any other earrings.

This pair of earrings is specially crafted, pieces of ornament passed on to the following generation for three generations now. Holding the memories of the three generations before me, these earrings I’m now keeping safe are charms that bear the name of my family. It’s a treasure worth more than the gold believed to be hidden in Oak Island or by Yamashita. It’s a physical embodiment of the treasure that lies in our heart—affection and love for the family—and it’s what guide through the swiftly passing time.

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