The Long Road Ahead Essay

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The Long Road Ahead

Good afternoon , I am James Brady. Born and raised in Akron,Ohio for the past 25 years. I am currently attending The University of Akron for my Bachelors in the science of nursing. My life has taken many different roads when it comes to career choices. I graduated from Garfield high school in 2006 where I took the vocation of Heating Cooling and Air Conditioning. After highschool I attended Mount Union where I played offensive guard for the football team. While attending Mount Union i was enrolled in the Police Academy, but unfortunate event happened. I took a cheap shot to the knee during a football game and was unable to continue playing. Along with losing my ability to play football, I also lost my first career choice.

I decided to come back home to Akron and have my knee fixed. After knee surgery and rehab I got a job working at Goodyear as a chemical operator. Being 19 years old making good money i believed i was living my definition of “the Dream”. That dream of mine ended abruptly two years later when Goodyear had big layoffs. Being stuck without a job and a mortage payment, I began to reasse my life at this point. While sitting at the Dr’s office for a check up on my knee I started a conversation with a paramedic about possibly pursueing a career as a medic. The paramedic politely pushed me into becoming a nurse explaining to me all the different types of oppurtunitys there are in the nursing field.

After a lot of conteplating, I decided to attend Akron School of Practical Nursing. ASPN was a 9 month accelerated LPN program , where I graduated with Honors and the class president. Shortly after school I got a job working at the Medina County Juvenile Detention Center as a nurse. Recieving my LPN license was just a stepping stone in my career path of becoming a BSN. After graduating from LPN school I started at the University of Akron where I was able to skip the waiting list and get right into the nursing program without a wait due to already having my nursing licenses as an LPN. So after the long road i have traveled since high school i am currently here today working at juvenile detention center, going to school full time and raising my son.

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