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The literature concerning

The literature concerning welfare rights movement at least in the 1960s can be characterized by the growing cry to bring radical positive changes in the welfare system of the United States. For these scholars, the current welfare system of the United States is producing a new form of inequality despite the resources that it is providing to the poor. The current system of welfare which is limited and somehow rigid had failed to erase the problem on poverty. In this sense, these scholars are providing a new light in solving the problem on welfare and its effectiveness.

Numerous scholars like Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven had argued for the radical extension and expansion of the current welfare system of the United States. For them, the existing system of welfare which is rigid and limited had failed to really help and provide assistance for the poor. The system of welfare that existed is somehow impotent in nature in relation to its capacity to erase poverty. What they are recommending is a radical change in the system that will allow more people that eligible for welfare to be subsisted on it.

They also argue for an increase in amount of welfare that will not just feed the people subsisting it but will also allow them to move forward in the hierarchy that will enable them to prosper at least domestically. This can also be related to the situation of minimum wage. Minimum wage are kept at bay not on the basis of economic sustenance or company stability. Rather, wages are kept low for the workers and employees not to really prosper to come up to a point that can rise and leave their jobs.

The era of individual pursuit of interest had proved to be inadequate in easing poverty among Americans. Though there are real and concrete examples of people escaping poverty on the basis of their individual merits and actions, the other people who failed to move up in the hierarchy should also be taken to consideration. The system should not just support the exceptional people who can manage to rise. Rather than providing individual reforms, what must be embrace are collective terms of actions that will provide a fertile ground for groups of people to grow and prosper.

This is comparable with labor unions that push reforms, benefits and wage hikes not on the basis of individual levels but on the basis and scope of the group. For these scholars, this is the way to go if we are really aiming for the problem of poverty to be solved.


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