The Life of Two Misfits in Eleanor and Park, a Novel by Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor and Park is about two people who come from different lives that meet. They first meet on the bus and they soon start to become friends. They start a friendship and begin to share items with one another such as tapes, headphones, comics, etc. While becoming friends many people at school are yew mean to Eleanor and she finds herself making two friends while attending gym class. People are very ugly with Eleanor and treat her horrifically but as soon as Park is with her no one messes with her.

Away from school Eleanor’s home life is terrible. She’s lives with her stepdad, mother and her three other siblings. Her stepdad is constantly yelling at her mother and her stepdad dislikes Eleanor. She was kicked out of the house 2 years ago and her mother convinced her husband to let Eleanor return home. Meanwhile Park is dealing with his own personal life, his parents are very loving and happy together but they don’t want Park to get distracted from school.

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Eleanor and Park soon become very close and start to fall for each other.

As they start to fall for each other many of Park’s closets’ friends begin to pick on his and Eleanor’s relationship. Park gets into a fight with his close friend Steve and gets suspended from school. Eleanor and Park begin to hang out at Parks house after school until dinner time. When Park returns to school someone starts to write very rude and mean comments on Eleanor’s binder.

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Eleanor and Park start to believe that it is a girl that has been very rude to her ever since she got to the school. Eleanor reaches her breaking point when she finds out that her step dad has been writing the mean comments on her binder and almost hits Eleanor. She decides to run away to seek help from her Aunt and Uncle so she can get away from her home. She asks Park for help and in return he asks his dad to let him borrow the car to take her to her aunt and uncle. Once they are there Park says his goodbye and he returns back to his home life and how it was before. One day Park walks out of school to get on the bus and there is someone sitting in his seat. No one ever sat in his seat and when he looks he discovers and finds Eleanor just as beautiful as she ever was. They began to talk and caught up with each other and began their journey into forever together.

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