The Life of the Mango Tree Essay

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The Life of the Mango Tree

* Johnson was an Englishman who came to Trinidad to visited Franklin on a coco estate
* Johnson was very interested in local folklore
* Sam fell in love with Urmilla
* On Johnson’s return to England he got a rare blood disease due to the cold climate.


Gary Johnson was a young Englishman who had come to Trinidad to spend the holidays with his friend Franklin’s on his coco estate in Sangre Grande. He left England in winter as he was eager to get some sunlight. While Johnson stayed with his friend he was quite interested to learn all about the estate. Johnson enjoyed hearing and listening to the local superstition and every time he heard a story he would write it down in a notebook. He very much liked a young local girl named Urmilla who he eventually planned to marry. He became ill with a rare blood disease and had very little time to live.


Sam was the overseer of the estate who worked there for many years. He is the narrator of the story. He liked Urmilla and her father spook to her to try to marry Urmilla. He never told Urmilla how much he had like her. Urmilla’s father made her promise to marry Sam before he died but Sam told Urmilla he would not hold her to the promise.


Urmilla was a beautiful young Indian girl who worked on the estate. Her father wanted her to get married. Urmilla liked Johnson and they eventually planned to get married. Urmilla was very happy when Johnson returned to the island but was she was worried about his illness and went to the local obeah man to get a cure for him.


He was an elderly man who Urmilla father and wanted her to get married.


Franklin was a middle aged Englishman who had bought the cocoa estate after the price of cocoa had fall on the world’s market and the estate was going to ruin. Franklin was a kind hearted person who treated his workers well and became a god father to many children in the village. He was a good friend of Johnson and encouraged Johnson to run the estate with him.

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