The Life of Agatha Christie Essay

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The Life of Agatha Christie

On 15th of September, 1890, a girl named Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller was born. She was given birth in Torquay, England. She was taken care of by her loving parents named Frederick and Clara. She also had two siblings who were older than her. Their names are Madge, her sister, and Monty, her brother. Agatha’s father was a very sociable man who had a self-sufficient income. Clara, who was shy, was the opposite of Frederick. Agatha acquired the personality of her mother (ACL, 2008). Madge was able to have a formal education.

However, their mother Clara thought that Agatha should not have one. It was her intention that Agatha would learn how to read when she reached the age of eight. But through Agatha’s own will and way, she learned reading when she was five years old. Her education was very diverse. She had varied tutors. She had part-time education. She also enrolled in French schools. Agatha also even had training in singing and playing the piano. But because she was shy like her mother, she was not able to make it as her career (ACL, 2008). Agatha’s father passed away when she was eleven years old.

Because of this incidence, she became more intimate to her mother. When Frederick was gone, Clara started to travel a lot. There were times that she would bring Agatha with her trips. This had become the beginning of Agatha’s passion for traveling (ACL, 2008). Agatha was eventually married to a man named Archie Christie. It was a Christmas Eve of 1914. Archie was an aviator during World War I. Even her husband was at the war, Agatha kept herself busy. She became a nurse. During the times that she was working in hospital, she had thought to write a novel.

Her first novel was titled “The Mysterious Affairs at Styles. ” She was bale to finish the novel in just a year. However, it took her several years before her book was published. Agatha received an exceptional review in Pharmaceutical Journal for this novel (MysteryNet, 2005). Agatha had a daughter was born on 1919. Her daughter was named Rosalind. However, in 1926, Agatha also faced some challenges in her personal life. Clara died and Agatha also had her first marriage divorced (ACL, 2008). In 1930, she went on a vacation in Iraq. She was already 40 years old by that time.

In this vacation, Agatha met a man named Max Mallowan. Max was an archeologist and was fourteen years younger than her. Also in that year, Agatha and Max got married. From time to time, Agatha helped out in some archeological activities of her husband. Nevertheless, she continued writing novels and short stories even she was on a trip (Jonasson, 2000). Agatha Christie had written almost 70 novels and a hundred or more short stories (Jonasson, 2000). “Evil under the Sun”, “Hercule Poirot’s Christmas”, and “Murder on the Orient” are just few among the stories she had published.

Her most famous character Miss Marple appeared in the book “The Murder at the Vicarage” which was published on 1930. Agatha Christie also wrote for a stage play and it became very popular. It was titled “The Mousetrap” (Simkin, 1997). She even had become the Dame Commander of British Empire in 1971. On 12th of January 1976, Agatha Christie died, leaving a flourishing career and wonderful life (Simkin, 1997). List of References Agatha Christie Limited. (2008) The Queen of Crime: Biography [Internet]. London, ACL. Available from: <http://www.

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