The Life of a President vs. The Life of a Homeless Person

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You ever tired comparing The President to a Homeless Person

People might state that the President and a homeless individual are not alike. The President and homeless person are alike in lots of methods. Both have decisions to make, both have stress in their lives, and both do a lot of traveling however not by option.

Decision making is something we all have to do. People may believe being the President is excellent. The President make great cash. He has the very best doctors and cooks.

I would not be surprised, if he has a house cleaner. The President has to make many decisions. If a choice is made that’s bad, it can affect the world. Like if people had to pay more for healthcare, or home taxes. Being the President of The United States is a significant responsibility.

Individuals may think homeless people have no worries but do they? A Homeless person makes choices that affect them. The only way it affects others if something happens to them.

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How will their burialbe spent for and who will pay for it? When a homeless individual, requires to see a medical professional, who ends up spending for their expenditures. Will that impacts us in the end? Where will they sleep at night? Or what will they consume everyday?

The President and a homeless person both have massive amounts of stress. The presidents might things to fret about. Making sure society has what they need. Can anybody run a country without being worried? A homeless person’s stress levels may be different.

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Their can come from attempting to determine how to get back there feet. Will anybody provide him a chance to work? Any problem in life can trigger some type of tension no matter what the situation is.

The President and a homeless person both do a great deal of traveling. The President takes a trip all over the world, mainly related to work. The President fulfills up with other countries to deal with things like world peace or seeing what kind of trades can be made. It’s not like the President has a choice. A homeless individual travels a lot. They have no location to call there own. For that reason they moves from place to put to find someplace safe to sleep. Thinking perhaps they will discover help, trying to see if someone will feed. If you think of it a homeless person has no option either.

One might say there nothing alike. They really have some things in common, but different in many ways still. The President may live in a beautiful house and have lots of money, and wear fancy clothes. May even be rolle models for many people. he may even have great popularity. On the othe hand, a homeless person has no money and no place to stay. Dirty clothes to wear. People may hate looking at them; even think they are sore eye losers to society. They are still alike in many ways. they both make decisions, they both have stress from daily life, and they both have a lot of traveling to do.

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The Life of a President vs. The Life of a Homeless Person

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