The Life Changing Experience of the Accident at Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah

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It was a normal Friday night in down town Salt Lake City, Utah. I, my aunt and uncle, my two cousins and two of their friends were out cruising in my aunts new birthday presenta 92 Camaro Z28. I drove the car because my aunt and uncle had been drinking and were a little screwed up. The car was a convertible, which I thought was extremely cool, so I asked if I could take the top down. Of course, almost anything you ask a drunk is a guaranteed yes, so we put the top down and headed to State Street, which is well known for the nice mile stretches and the prostitutes.

When we finally hit State Street, I noticed that we were almost out of gas, so I pulled over, which was a very bad mistake, and filled the tank all the way. As I was coming back out to the car after paying for the gas, I noticed a dark blue ‘Saleen Mustang parked next to the car, and the guy inside of it was talking to my aunt and uncle.

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As I walked towards the car, I could hear that they were talking about a race.

As I advanced closer, my uncle shouted for me to hurry up so we could race. After sliding into the drivers seat once again, I was informed that I would be the one who would be racing. I tried to tell my uncle that I had never raced before, and he totally ignored me.

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He then stated, Well, you are gonna hafta learn. When we arrived at the designated starting line, a nice looking girl in a black leather skirt, red knee high boots and a zebra print spaghetti strap top, was standing next to the puny little guy in the Mustang. I made my two cousins, their friends, and my aunt get out of the car because it lightened the load, and it was safer. The driver of the Mustang revved up his engine;

I revved up my engine and that was when the girl waved the makeshift racing flag. I spun my tires which caused me to fall behind and gave him a head start, although I caught up with him soon after. All of a sudden the road narrowed to one lane, and I tried to get over, but the Mustang refused to move causing me to slam into the side of him and lose control. I hit the median, and I was looking up at the sky and then the ground. I think I saw the sky and ground about five times. After flipping end over end, the cars back end hit the ground smashing it to smithereens and leaving nothing but the front seats, engine and the front half of the body.

The car then skidded to a halt after hitting a tree in the middle of someones yard. The police and rescue units were called in by an onlooker who saw the whole thing. When the paramedics arrived, they immediately called for a life flight, which was for my uncle who was thrown from the vehicle because he did not have his seat belt on. I fortunately had my seat belt on. I was held in my seat because that the seat belts were specially designed to keep the drivers of race cars in their seats in case of an end-over end-flip or a continuous rollover. My uncle was in the hospital for three months because both of his legs and wrist were crushed, along with having minor brain damage and being in a coma. I ended up with a broken collarbone, two dislocated shoulders and a broken ankle, but hey, it beats being dead. This was a very life changing experience for me. I always wear my seat belt every where I go, now. The worst thing of all is that my aunt wont let me drive any of her vehicles any more. I am extremely thankful that I am alive and that I still can drive.

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