The Levels Of Communication

Interpersonal Communication – Happens when you communicate on a one-to-onebasis generally in a casual, unstructured setting. It happens mainly in between twopeople, though it may include more than 2.

Group Communication – Kind of interaction occurs amongst a small number ofpeople for the function of solving problem. The group must be small enough so thateach other member has a possibility to interact to each other.

Public Interaction – Here, the speaker sends out a message to an audience. Thespeaker generally provides an extremely structured message, utilizing the some channels as ininter-personal or small-group interaction.

Mass Interaction – A means of disseminating info or message to big, confidential and scattered heterogeneous masses of receivers which might be farremoved from the message sources through making use of sophisticated equipment.

Intrapersonal communication describes interaction with the self. It might be silentor verbal kind of interaction. Intrapersonal type of communicationapproximates with the believing procedure, in which the person knowingly sendsinformation to himself/herself in order to analyze a situation. This communicationstrategy is particularly useful when someone has to make essential life choices or is dealing with a contrasting scenario.

“Favorable self talk” is a kind of intrapersonal communication that can be used as a tool to improve the nurses or client’s healthand self-confidence.

Interpersonal Communication describes one-to-one interaction in between two personsthat typically takes place face to deal with. The function of interpersonal communication is toshare details, opinion, concepts, and so on.

Transpersonal Interaction is the communication that occurs within a person’sspiritual domain is referred as transpersonal communication.

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The function oftranspersonal communication is to understand self-hood, enhance spirituality, and answerthe questions that are spiritual in nature.

Small-group Interaction is the type or level of interaction happens withina small group. The purpose of small-group communication is to communicateinformation that is of typical interest to group members or sometimes to know theopinions of group members to reach a decision.

Public Communication is usually considered as a large group of people or laypersonswith a vast difference in a number of factors, e.g., socioeconomic status, literacylevel, occupation, and habitat. Communication to public serves some purposes thatbenefit the common man (e.g., health education) or sometimes to make requests orto get favors from the public in general elections. Public communication requiresspecial communication skills as the size of the group is very large with so manydifferences among the group members as described earlier. There is a need tomaintain different types of eye contact with the public, gestures, and voices, andmedia materials should be used to communicate messages effectively.

Social communication is the communication that takes place in the social context.Being a social animal, human beings establish relationship with other people toaccomplish several purposes throughout their life span. In order to keep these socialrelations alive and being social, one has to communicate with others.

Source: 2013 Dorling Kindersley (India) Pvt. Ltd. Review in Communication Process. A-8(A),Sector 62, Knowledge Boulevard, 7th Floor, NOIDA 201 309, IndiaInterpersonal Communication – Communication to oneself.
Intrapersonal Communication – Communication between two persons. Small Group Communication – Communication within a small group of persons. Organizational Communication – Communication within a formal communication. Public Communication – Communication of speaker to audience. Intercultural Communication

– Communication between people of different cultures.

Mass Communication

Communication addressed to an extremely large audience,mediated by audio and/or visual means.Source: Michael J. Maher (2011). The Seven Levels of CommunicationDr. Eduardo Bustos Farias ’
Levels of Communication

Intrapersonal (internal conversations; talking to yourself) Interpersonal >Working together(task goal) >Strengthening relations (maintenance goal) Group/Team to achieve greateroutput Organizational >Groups and teams working together within supporting structure>The organization addressing its internal audiences Public >The organization addressingits external audiencesSource:http:// forckren/4- Dr. Eduardo Bustos Farías communication-levels-8657616

Intrapersonal Communication

A type of communication a person has with himself. Witha prefixintra which means within.

Interpersonal Communication

A communication that takes place between twopeople. Varies depending on the relationship between the two individuals.

Group Communication

When three or more individuals who have the same goalsinteract formally or informally.
Public Communication

takes place when one or more individuals communicate with alarger group in a more one-directional ”approach.
Mass Communication

Occurs when extremely large groups receive information

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The Levels Of Communication
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