The Legalization of Gay Marriage

The legalization of gay marriage for other countries has been prohibited by “morality laws,” which is something that should not be prohibited. Same sex marriage has eliminated a type of discrimination that had no compelling state to justify it. Legalizing same sex marriage promotes equality which also reduces homophobia. Promoting same sex marriage can also support cultural diversity. More adoptions happened when gay marriage started to get legalized. By allowing same sex couples adopt it does not put so much pressure under the child if they come out as gay.

There also tend to be more stable stable relationships in a LGBT marriage. More stabilization because LGBT couples have to work more harder to adopt which can also motivate them to be better parents. LGBT marriages promotes equality. Gay marriage allows the partners to have access to benefits that heterosexual couples usually have access to. Before same sex marriage was legal some of them could not enjoy these benefits. The legalization of same sex marriage promotes eliminating a discrimination that had no compelling state to justify it, more adoptions, and equality all around.

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Same sex marriage has always been discriminated for many years but after it became legal it eliminated the discrimination about the topic. “Debates about gay marriage equality have always been normal topics to debate about” (Katherine 407). Gay marriage has always been a popular and serious topic to debate about and to discuss if it is good to legalize it or not. “Discussing LGBT rights group there are advocates who are going to reject it like the conservatives ones” (Katherine 407).

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Conservative people tend to be the ones to reject same sex marriage because it is untraditional and does not go by tradition. “Gay marriage equality legitimize and simultaneously have had positive effects on individuals, same sex couples, and heterosexual couples” ( Katherine 409). The discrimination of same sex marriage has gotten eliminated throughout time because it had nothing but positive effects on other people which inspired others to come out and embrace their sexuality. Same sex marriage has always have to go through homophobic people but when they decided to legalize it somehow people stopped discriminating less and less as time went on.

More adoptions increased ever since same sex couples were able to get legally married. “Where children will be placed all depends on the child’s best interest and when placed with same sex couples there was not any difference in them as everyone expected” (Morrison 162). The people who were against same sex couples adopting were proven wrong because when social workers spoke to them nothing mentally changed in them. “According to a census report same sex couples are raising over 115,000 children all over America” (Montreal 321). Since same sex couples have proven that they care about their children they tend to adopt more than heterosexual couples. “Back in December 2013 there was only 13 states including the District of Columbia allowed same sex couples to adopt without restrictions” ( Montero 321). Since same sex couples have proven to be good parents the states that approve of them adopting took down the restrictions. “Major research was done and there was no difference in the outcome when children were raised by same sex couples” (Montero 326).Children being raised by same sex couples there was no difference in their thinking after living with them .Adoption for same sex couples come with obstacles but in the end the child is not affected.

The legalization of gay marriage promotes freedom and equality all around and reduces homophobia. “Gay marriage should be fully legalized because all citizens of the United States are guaranteed equality under law”(Moniz Ella). When the law of gay marriage being legalized not only did marriage rates increase it promoted equality even for couples that were not in same sex relationships. “Many large organizations including the Human Rights Campaign and the Freedom to Marry Organization, support and advocate for the LGBT community with goals to spread world wide education among the same communities, and eventually wish for same sex marriage to be legal world wide” (Moniz Ella). The legalization of it impacted many groups especially the ones that are religiously impacted. “ As we progress as humans and move farther away from our once dominating religious politics, the population that supports same sex marriage has increased” (Moniz Ella). As time passed by the majority of people left their religions behind but not entirely but those same people have an open mind to the idea. Gay marriage has always been about promoting gay marriage.

On the other hand legalizing same sex marriage does have its positive out comes but it also comes with its negative outcomes as well. Looking at this situation through someone else’s point of view it would be unclear why the would not support it because it caused more adoptions, eliminated a type of discrimination, and promotes equality all around. Then again the discrimination is there because people’s point of view is different from each other. For adoption social worker will give the same sex couples reasons to not adopt only because in their heads it seems logical and they’re thinking of the child’s well being. For decades same sex couples have always promoted equality but some people won’t see that because their beliefs are different.

Everyone has an opinion on the subject because some think it should be legal and it shouldn’t be legal. Ever since gay marriage was legal adoptions happen more frequently nowadays. Discrimination against them happens rarely because it’s been viewed as normal. Through many protests throughout the years same sex mate has always been about promoting equality so they can marry who they love. Gay marriage remaining legal is a right the gay couples won and fought for many years. The legalization of same sex marriage promotes eliminating discrimination, more adoptions, and more equality all around.

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The Legalization of Gay Marriage

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