The learning progress of the students Essay

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The learning progress of the students

As an instructor, I have discovered that effective learning requires a proper assessment of the learning progress of the students. This is necessary because it gives the instructor an insight into what the participants/students have learnt, what they have challenges in grasping and this would put the instructor on a better pedestal to effectively teach. Generally, it serves as a sort of feedback to instructor; making the instructor adjust where need be and improve on areas that require illumination.

Consequently, I have come up with a method of appraisal/ evaluation that would monitor the learning progress of the participants. The first method I plan to use is the formative evaluation. As part of the course requirement, I plan to hold group discussions where participants would be required to share their views and opinions about specific questions that would be asked in class. This would be part of their overall grading points. Participants would be divided into small groups and each group will be given a topic to discuss.

This topic would be an application of what was taught in class. Notes will be made on their understanding of the topics that is being discussed so that I would identify the topics that needs to be revised and the ones that they have successfully understood. Apart from this, written assignments would also be part of the curriculum. This is meant to serve as a form of feedback for me to know what they have learnt so far. Furthermore, there would also be a summative evaluation which will be done at the end of the course.

This would be in form of a test and it would be taken twice in the learning process. The tests would be an overall appraisal of the class. It is intended to assess the participant’s overall knowledge of the course in general. In addition to this, there would be feedback forms that would be given out at the end of a period. After these feedback forms have been filled, there would be a tutor-participant discussion on how they think that learning can be improved, areas where they have problems in understanding, what they think could be incorporated in order to make learning easier.

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