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The law enforcement code of ethics Essay

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Both the law enforcement code of ethics (LECE) and the professional investigators and security association (PISA) are Law enforcement agencies. Both agencies do not condone criminology. As such, the code of ethics of LECE is clear about this. A law enforcement officer is required to give immunity to innocent citizens against any form of deception, oppression and violent acts. He is also required to respect the laid down constitutional rights of equality and fairness to justice.

They are therefore required to carry out their duties impartially without bias, friendship or be guided by personal feelings.

Consequently a member of the PISA in a bid to ensure that ethics is portrayed is required to carry out investigations with a high degree of integrity and in a moral and professional manner. They are further required not to exaggerate issues but apply courtesy and honesty in all criminal related matters. The same as LECE code of ethics advocates against carrying duties partially with personal feelings and friendships influencing decisions, same applies to PISA.

The members of PISA are restrained from racial, religious and gender discrimination when carrying out official duties. Both bodies require that their members co-operate by working hand in hand in executing their obligatory roles. They are not supposed to receive bribery or engage in any forms of corruption practices. Their codes of ethics also require them to maintain high degrees of confidentiality by keeping as secrets, what they see or do. Both codes of ethics stipulate the different roles played by different officers as far as criminal justice is concerned.

Further, both codes require that their members safeguard the reputation of their respective bodies governing them. They are required to exhibit highest possible standards of professionalism. As much as the two bodies are similar in their regularity regulatory code of ethics, they also differ in certain principles. Unlike the members of LECE, members of PISA consult professionals on matters pertaining to justice. These include American Academy of professional law enforcement, The Association of Detectives Inc. mong others.

They also invite guest speakers who include retired detectives who offer consultation services on criminology issues. The professional investigators security associations use more of information technology in handling tasks compared to the law enforcement body umbrella Lastly, various countries may have a slight disparity on their professional code of ethics. However the law enforcement code of ethics seems to be standardized across geographical regions/jurisdictions

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