The Lasting Impression, Attributes, and Contributions of Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and William Clark

We all have attributes that define who we are and our ability to impact and crucial historical people appear to be no different, especially in the early republic and exploration phase. The advantage that history provides is it provides strong specific examples of people with beneficial traits, and it’s fair to draw this conclusion since if a name has made it through time then something underlying either physical or mental must have separated and pushed them to either success and/or having a lasting impact.

Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and William Clark are just a few examples of prominent people who have left a lasting impression that display characteristics that I believe lead to their success and contributions to forming the United States into what we know today. The examples previously listed all shared two physical traits: white and male. This is no surprise that these were mutual features between successful people since this was a time where “it was easier for poor men to indirectly lash out than it was for women to assert equality” (Ripper, 2008).

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Being a male and white, or a person who helped white men was essential for most to establish any ground and seniority. Having some sort of rank or following was another essential piece in being remembered, the army provided this opportunity for many men. Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, and William Clark all served in the army.

A few attributes both physical and mental were required to serve and the obvious is being physically able.

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An obese authority figure is/was not a common or a strong characteristic, a sense of power is hard to exude from someone weak and fragile both physically and mentally. So, the opposite could be said of the men such as those who served, and the army didn’t just condition them physically and mentally that contributed to their success, but it provided these men with the opportunity to be liked and in the future reach seniority or other opportunities. A prevalent example of being liked due to having strong physical and mental characteristics and leading to success was William Clark.

We would not know Lewis and Clark without William displaying attributes that resulted in Lewis requesting him and displayed the crucial role that working social connections are in success. These beneficial attributes that contributed to Clark’s opportunity and ultimate success were expressed by Lewis who described Clark as having the “strength of mind and spirit,” and these qualities lead to his approval for the Corps of Discovery (Ripper, 2008). Many mental qualities must be present for someone to be followed and remembered. Being passionate about your beliefs and having the ability to express yourself with conviction was a quality that was imperative for people such as Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson.

Even with polar views, both men could be described as passionate. This convincing passion leads to followers and this lead to a lasting political party impact that is remembered today. Hamilton’s drive was displayed by his vigorous advocation for the Constitution along with his representation of his views in different essays (Ripper, 2008). Jefferson showed his passion through his confidence in himself and others who supported his beliefs (Ripper, 2008).

Overall, these men and other historical figures exude a plethora of attributes that contributed to their achievements such as being passionate, working their network and being physically strong and mentally capable. This being said what attributes repressed a specific individual or individuals ability to succeed in terms of both physical and mental traits?

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