The Language Of Emotions

There are many ways to express emotions, but the most powerful and effective way is using the language. Language is a method of human communication, but it is also used to convey emotions. According to Ambrose Bierce: “ Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.” This quote shows how people’s speech effect by emotions, especially when it contains toxic emotions such as anger and rage. People usually regret what they speak when they get furious because of the consequences, illogical actions, and think they had.

Anger is a complex feeling that usually overtaken people’s mind. Like what Ambrose Bierce said: “ Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.” When people get angry, they tend to lose control of themselves, and it will make the way they speak hashes and hurtful. When this feeling comes out through the speech, every word they said might damage other people’s lives and feelings more than they imagine.

For example, humans tend to act before thinking about the consequences when angry. As a result, everything they say and act usually illogical and self-centered. Generally, it comes from their emotions instead of their minds. During this situation, people often use their anger as a weapon to hurt other people such as cursing, throwing things and yelling. In the name of anger and pain, people often unaware that they gave themselves the right to hurt others. The decisions and actions taken in this situation will make people feel regret soon afterward.

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Most of the time, people feel regretful, and ashamed of themselves when they allow their anger to control and speak, instead of themselves. In short, anger will make people do bad things to others because they are unable to control themselves. Later, they will regret when they see the consequences of their actions and decisions they made while angry.

People’s personality usually affected by their unique experiences and the world around them. Likewise, an author’s background will affect the way he writes, thinks and says. An exemplar of this topic is Ambrose Bierce-American journalist, satirist, and author of sardonic short stories. Famous for his dark and sardonic views as a critic, earned him the nickname, “ Bitter Bierce” or “the wickedest man in San Francisco.”. The combination of his sardonic view and black humor makes him not afraid to show his view of human nature. For example: “ Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.”. In this quote, Bierce is sarcastic people who allow their anger to control what they say instead of themselves. In brief, the author’s background will influence what they think, write, and say.

The use of language to express emotions usually effective when every word holds in many thoughts and hidden feelings. Anger: a special feeling that overpowers other feelings tend to make trouble when using language as a tool to convey emotions. Most of the time, anger makes people lose control of themselves and forget the consequences afterward. Thus, to use language as a powerful way to express emotions, people need to think before they speak or it will be the best speech they will ever regret.

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