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?"The Knife Sharpener" by Bonnie Burnard

Categories Book Review, Literature, Short Story

Essay, Pages 2 (429 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (429 words)

The Knife Sharpener a short story written by Bonnie Burnard. This story is very interesting you never know that the knife sharpener will appear as a bad person because he appeared as a good old man who just borrowed a knives to sharpening and said “Maybe you’ve heard from your neighbours. I come around every March. Do mowers as well” as he was offering to do he mower for her in the beginning. Janet is a mother of three children.

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She do all the work in the house since her kids are still young to do some of the house work. Erin is six years old eldest child of Janet. The Knife Sharpener is an old man who sharpen knives and do mowers. The story happened in Janet’s place. The story happened during the day. The incident started happening when the knife sharpener took Erin’s hand and brought her somewhere. The story gets more intense when Janet starts panicking and decided to go after Erin and look for her.

Janet saw Erin’s scarf on the ground stuccoed corner of a garage twenty yard ahead. Janet saw the knife sharpener talking to Erin in a gentle old man’s voice and Janet took Erin’s hand and questioned the knife sharpener. The knife sharpener said “Please don’t call the police”. The knife Sharpener by Bonnie Burnard is about the family, intense and it tells us not to trust any stranger and reveals the certain personality of some stranger when the old man took Erin away from her home.

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Why Janet didn’t call the police? And Why Janet having thoughts whether she’s going to tell about it to her husband or just keep it by herself and not to tell to anyone? The Knife Sharpener might have a bad intension to the family of Janet.

The knife sharpener appeared to be a good old man who just a knife to use for sharpening and offered to do their mower so he can go inside the house. He even made Janet’s feelings comfortable around with him and he suddenly changed his mood when Janet said that her eldest is going to be home soon for lunch. The knife sharpener waited for Erin to go out again and reached her hand and brought Erin somewhere. I think that the knife sharpener will going to do something bad to Erin or kidnap Erin since he took her twenty yards away from her home. There is only two possible thing he will do it is either the knife sharpener will rape Erin or he will kidnap Erin.

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