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The Kite Runner Theme Assessment Essay

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Sex, it can be an act of love or even a way to demonstrate passion, but can it also be used as a way to show dominance? In the play “A Streetcar Named Desire” Sex represents power. Stanley rapes Blanche in order to demonstrate his superiority over her.

Sex is not just a way to show affection to another person. Stanley uses sex as a tool to prove his might. He demonstrates to Blanche that he can have her whenever he wants her.

Raping Blanche is one way Stanley proves he has control over Blanche and her sister. Even now in modern society sex is used as not only a way to show affection, but also as a way to display supremacy. In southern California we have thousands of sex offenders running rampant through the streets. In there minds its okay to dominate another person through sexual activities.

Stanley, in the play, is described as a masculine person. He is physically strong and is often referred to as a beast.

Animals, out in the wild, use sex to show dominance in their clan or group. For example the rest of the walruses looks up the walrus that has a mate. Stanley is in this way an animal. He allows his primal instincts to take over. Therefore he is the dominant male in the household and must have everything his way.

Around this time males are still looked upon as the “providers” for their families, therefore they had a higher position. Even without Stanley raping Blanche he already had some type of influence over her and her sister. Blanche tries to make Stella leave Stanley. Stanley already does not like Blanche and when he notices her not falling in line with what he wants he begins to attack her. First by removing Mitch from her side then by removing Stella. Once he notices she is weak he decides to strike.

Power is a desirable thing to come by. It comes to no surprise that Stanley took advantage of Blanche and raped her. Like in the animal kingdom if their dominance is being challenged they must answer the call or risk loosing everything. Stanley like having things the way they were and in the end he displayed his power and control over Stella and her sister.

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