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The Key Personality Traits of Mark Zuckerberg

Surgency personality dimension includes leadership and extraversion traits. Mark sowed his strong surgency as the wants to be the person who is in charge instead of being the dominance of the others. Mark did not really accept or commit with the twin Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss idea which they try to hire Mark to build a dating, a social site which they called Harvard Connection. As a surgency person, Mark does not like to be the dominance of others so he creates the website Facebook instead of working for the Winklevoss.

The strong surgency has lead Mark to the success that he is enjoying today. If he had chosen to work for Winklevoss, he might still be a small potato and not much people would know about him. Dimension of agreeableness includes traits related to getting along with people. Besides that, if a person has high agreeableness, that person might be more sociable and spent more times with his or her friends.

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According to Mark Zuckerberg’s friends, he is an introverted person as they said he is kind of a geek who feels little uncomfortable around other people. Furthermore, they even speculated that introverted personality of him had helped him deal with his creation of Facebook. The adjustment personality dimension includes traits related to emotional stability. Mark shows that he does not have a good adjustment personality. But he created the facemash when he feels upset about a girl. Facemash is software where it uses to compare students to what kind of farm animals which seem like unethical to others.

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This software had helped him in the path of success as this software lends him some idea while creating

The high degree of conscientiousness of Mark has lended him to the way of success, he is a hardworking, and always willing to put in extra time and effort to acocomplish goal to achieve success. His willingness to put in extra time to complete something, such as he uses eight hours to create the Facemash site. So, I can see that when he got an objective that need to be achieved, he will show his high conscientiousness to work on that aim in order to achieve success. The high openness to experience in Mark had made a big contribution to his success path, as heis a person who willing to try and always willing to change.

The Facebook which he had launced made a he change in the connection between everyone in the world. Besides that, he keeps on developing the Facebook which was named Thefacebook previously, in order to help people to connect, find new friends and share photos. He stated in his Facebook account that his personal interest is about openness, making things that help people connect and share what is important to them, revolutions information flow and minimalism. Moreover, from the beginning of Course Match until Facebook, the personalities of Mark willing to try and change had help him to come out with something which really connect people easily-Facebook.

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