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The Kennedy Space Center Essay

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The Kennedy Space Center

I am the most typical American man who is born in Pensacola Florida. Most people dream of visiting Florida, but I get to live there. What I find interesting about Florida is that it was part of Spain until 1845, when it became a State of the United States; making it the twenty seventh State to join the Union. Most of the population in other states has to shop at a grocery store for oranges or orange juice, but for myself, orange groves are nearby and I can smell the fresh ripe oranges that ripened on the trees and are available for my breakfasts for when ever I chose.

What I find humorous at times when I hear other people speak of Florida is our Alligators and that we should be fearful of them. But we are not, they are just part of our life style and they are much protected from the government. Even if the Alligator is walking on a sidewalk, it is illegal to remove them, the ideal of the situation is to give them total respect and stay out of their way. With the ocean nearby, I get to fish when ever I can. Living with my grandparents, my grandpa always went with me. After casting out our lines, I always surrendered to one of his famous stories about the fish the got away.

I chuckle to myself just remembering those stories, but one thing for sure; it was a time when my grandpa Willy and I would bond the most. At the end of the day, I would stand side by side with Grandpa Willy and clean our daily catch, often having races to see who could beat who. Sometimes the scales would fly! When it would be done and over, the smell of fresh fish would fill our senses, making all that work worth while. In my spare time, I sit in front of my television playing video games. Halo is my favorite! I like it because it is a combat game with lots of action. I get to be the Master Chief who fights to protect my planet.

There are aliens who come from far away to fight to take over my planet and I have to fight them and kill them to protect the planet. I utilize all my army gear to fight these distorted aliens. I even go to their planets with my Banche which is a flying aircraft and is loaded with necessary weapons to succeed my strengths mission. The object is to take over their planet as well. If I use the Blanche, or the Warthog or I may chose to move in the tank, what ever the case may be, I am assured to have the necessary weapons to be successful. When I am not playing the video games, I am a typical male who checks out the “hotties” at the mall.

My buds and I just hang around, trying to look not interested but we don’t miss a thing. But the ways I have some down time is to put on my headphones and jam to the “Beastie Boy’s”, and look through some car magazines. I like to get my hands dirty and love hearing my engine of my 1969 engine purr. I spent many pain staking hours working on that machine, but I successfully was able to soup up my car and am the envious of many of my peers as I drive it to my school. Finally, when I am done with school, I am going to concentrate on becoming a lawyer.

Thinking of our Sunshine State and all of our sixty seven counties I feel there is room for someone like me who will work hard to help out with some areas like International Trade; Tourism, which Florida has seventy six point eight million visitors alone in 2004 and is the top traveled state; Space Industry, which employs something like fifteen thousand employees at the Kennedy Space Center; Agriculture, Florida leads with farming income from orange groves and orange juice and the University Research, five million dollars are being sponsored for research at the Florida University.

I feel no matter what area of law I would go into, I would be protecting companies or people. No matter if I would be working in Space or working for the common farmer; what ever the case may be I feel it could be very challenging and interesting at the same time. Another area of my interest is in Math. Math comes easier for me and I feel no matter what area of any professions I may go into, Math will be really important to know. Whatever the case, I love working with people in general and math is definitely one of my and I think it could be fun teaching it to students.

I can envision myself in front of a class with eager eyes looking up to me to learn a new gained knowledge of how math can be applied to our daily lives. Most people feel that how is Algebra, Core Math, Calculus, Trigiometry, we never really use in our daily lives; but in reality we use them daily without knowing that we do. People who work not only in teaching, but in some fields like Chemist, Farming, Architecture, Wood workers (cabinet makers), and in any field that constitutes measuring of some sort.

Teaching it would be a challenge of its own. That would mean I would have to be more organized than what I am. I am still leaving my clothes on the floor, and I may even have separate piles of clothing if I get rushed like; a pile of clean clothes, pile of only worn once clothing and can be worn again if sprayed, and then there is the must be washed, we all know those ones when the jeans stand on their own legs without help and the shirts smell strongly of the partying of the night before.

But still even if organization could be the worst challenge, I know that all of my commitment and hard work would pay off with my student’s achievements. Knowing a head of time that Math is one of the harder subjects to teach because it is the least interesting and sometimes really hard for some people, I know I would have to be sensitive to the children who do not have the same appreciation of Math as I do and make it as interesting as possible. How I would do that I am not sure as of yet, but I know I could achieve that goal.

Knowing that math is all around us in our daily lives I will have to just grasp some of the ways they use it and incorporate it in the teaching for starters. What ever the case may be if I go into being a lawyer or teacher, I know that it will present its own challenges and with hard work and dedication I can achieve anything that I set my mind to. I love working with people, though I am a little shy at times, I know I can be a true asset to any field I venture into.

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