Kanban Operation Principles

The Kanban is a mirror, which reflects the reality of the work that the team is developing, reflects the flows through which tasks and equipment pass in himself. The Kanban will bring out inefficiencies in the management of the service, but also inefficiencies in the equipment.

The three basic pillars of Kanban are as follows:

  1. To visualize in a continuous way the state of the production equipment.
  2. Limit WIP to improve quality and delivery time.
  3. Strengthen the flow

The proposal that follows is to make the two collaborate the repair consecutively.

This creates a new phase.

As at the beginning in the original phase 2, the WIP was nine, then to the divide the work in this phase, you get to divide the total WIP.

The start-up has become a bottleneck. For to attack the problem, it is proposed to prohibit: that no new work be assumed for the initial phase, and if you have put the two technicians, to help the analyst of quality control, and thus unblock the bottleneck of the last one.

 phase. See figure 3.6.

The rationale of “prohibiting any new work from being taken on” is is based on the Toyota Production System; where the system, controls the production in cards that circulate through the production chain. organization of the workers, it is in such a way that, each one produces its own as long as they get a card that informs them that they can to produce. If the card does not reach them, they are forbidden to produce their part of the work.

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Figure 3.6: Resolving the bottleneck

Source Own preparation

As the first phase is important, a possible division is made (definition-analysis); so that this one serves to gain flow, when adopting a phase in the kanban. See figure 3.7.

As the tasks are served from left to right, they will be will be obtaining free spaces, so that the commercial department, communicates to those interested that a new job can be taken over by the system.

Change Management in a development team is a task exciting, continuous and challenging. The Kanban is free to be improved or combined with other techniques of different methodologies, as long as the restrictions and basic rules of the Kanban don’t get upset.

Figure 3.7: Dividing up the work

Source Own preparation

Many teams in organizations work badly, without implementing any methodology or incorrectly implementing agile methodologies. More and more people are needed to be convinced why we are limiting the WIP. Why do we have to continually question what’s coming to us  as useless documents, unnecessary control and command over the team members.

The accumulations of tasks in a phase, is a very bad sign. Locate which tasks remain a long time in a phase, you will understand the why this accumulation, and one must act accordingly. If in the first phase, a possible division is detected (definition-analysis), this means that you can gain flow by adopting a new phase in the Kanban. This means a new analyst position.

It follows from all of the above:

  • Originally, phase 1, has a continuous flow of one unit, which is passed to list.
  • This unit in list, is shared in phase 2, by the two technicians.
  • By increasing production in phase 1, it now has a continuous flow of two.
  • Now phase 2, receives two units in list, which shares it with the two technicians.
  • Productivity has increased by 100%.

The kanban is a work in process (WIP) management system, which serves primarily to ensure continuous, overload-free production in a production team. The kanban is a management system, where the produces exactly that amount of work that the system is capable of. to assume. The Kanban is a Just in Time working system, which means that avoids unnecessary stock surpluses, which in management is equivalent to investment unnecessary time and effort in what we will not need (or simply is less of a priority) and avoids overloading the team.

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