The Justice Systems Essay

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The Justice Systems

Copy and paste the characteristics of the juvenile justice system and the adult justice systems into their respective columns. Place the characteristics that are relative to both the juvenile and adult systems into the column labeled “Both”.

Juvenile Justice System
Adult Justice System
Court jurisdiction is determined by age.
Individuals on trial do not have a right to a jury trial.
Proceedings are not considered criminal.
Justice system personnel use discretion.

Court proceedings are private.

Individuals on trial have the constitutional right to a jury trial. Court proceedings are public.
Proceedings are considered criminal.

Individuals arrested have the right to receive Miranda warnings. The purpose of the procedures is to punish the guilty.
Individuals have the right to counsel.
There is the ability to negotiate and plea bargain.
Purpose of procedures is to protect and treat.
Court jurisdiction is determined by offense.
Prosecutors and defense attorneys are key players in proceedings.

Issues Impacting the Juvenile Court System

Briefly review the discussions in the other two topics you did not choose for your first response on conversation starter 1. In a 200- to 300-word response, address the main points for and against the two controversial issues.

I feel there are more points against confidentiality in juvenile proceedings than points for confidentiality in juvenile proceedings. I read some interesting articles on the subject that really made me see why it would be important for the juvenile records to be open for the public to see. The main reason would be safety. I feel that the schools are the main ones that should be able to access these records. They do have the responsibility to keep all the kids safe and out of harm’s way. Schools do background checks on teachers and faculties that are employed at the schools to keep the children safe. Now days, juveniles are committing the same crimes as adults. If a teacher’s background came back and showed that they were convicted of a sexual crime, or any crime against a child, they would not be allowed around children. Why is it acceptable for a child that has done harm to children to attend school? The more I think about it, I can see no benefits for keeping records closed. It could jeopardize the safety of the people around. I feel juvenile records should be open for the public.

The pros and cons on the death penalty for juveniles is a difficult topic. “An eye for an eye” is a popular saying when it comes to the death penalty. Also, juveniles that want to act like adults should be treated like adults. The death penalty would be more of a deterrent because most kids are scared of death. The only con for this topic would be that there is always that possibility that they would be falsely convicted. The pros and cons are the same for juveniles and adults. I feel juveniles should get the death penalty.

Final Project Position

Highlight the position you will defend in your final project.

The juvenile justice system should focus on rehabilitation. The juvenile justice system should focus on punishment.

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