The Joys and Challenges of a School Head

A school head is responsible in ensuring that the learners receive exceptional quality education in a supportive and child-friendly learning environment while functioning as a teacher to his or her fellow teachers and as a servant to the department’s stakeholders, but other than those, being a school head entails a lot of responsibility and accountability. The job requires a lot of public relation skills, courage, determination, strong will, prudence, patience, and leadership skills other than the basic qualifications that the position requires.

Being a school head in a public school isn’t always easy. Serving as a school administrator involves facing many stern challenges on a day to day basis, but there are also many sources of joy for a school head that is willing to rise to these challenges, making the job a truly fulfilling one.

Here are some of the joys of a school head:

  • A school head is being respected. A school head can gain respect from learners, teachers, and the community because of the authority that comes from the position he/she holds.

  • A school head brings positive influence in the life of others. Inherent to the authority that comes from the position, a school head can make a positive influence in the lives of both learners and teachers by becoming a good model of expected behaviors. Likewise, he/she can influence the minds of parents to become good partners and supporters of education.
  • A school head takes pride in the growth and achievements of teachers.

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    Another joy of a school head is to see his/her teachers grow personally and professionally as they achieve unexpected milestones and accomplishments in their life as a teacher and as they are being promoted to a higher position or as they become fellow leaders in the administration.

  • A school head rejoices over returning successful alumni. One of the most rewarding and fulfilling moment in the life of a school head is when a successful alumna returns to just say, “Thank you!” This would mean the school head was successful in bringing positive impact into the lives of his/her past learners.
  • A school head also rejoices over good school performance. Much of the joy of a school head comes from seeing that the school is doing well as a result of everyone’s effort. Seeing the pupils/students performing well in academics and extra-curricular activities, seeing them graduate and move on to a higher level of education, seeing at risk learners making positive attitudinal and behavioral changes through constant intervention and proper guidance in partnership with the teachers and parents are some of the accomplishment of the school that brings joy to a school head.
  • A school head loves accomplishing plans. Another joy of a school administrator is when he/she sees things being accomplished in accordance to the school plan and when they achieve good and positive performance as a result of the collaborative efforts between the school and the parents.
  • A school head is given more opportunity for growth. Becoming a school head provides the holder of the position a lot of venue for growth, both personal and professional.

Here also are some of the challenges being faced by a school head:

  • There are lots of paper works. Paper works are one of the frustrations of a school head. Although they are necessary, but they consume a big amount of time instead of giving more time to equally important matters or concerns within the school. The only way a school head can get through this is to ask assistance from teachers to do some of the paper works.
  • As a school head, he/she must be good in decision-making. School heads’ strategies and decisions are critically important as they reflect how the school is doing. In order to accomplish good results, they need to make decisions that would give a good impact into the overall performance of the school.
  • A school head must ensure high level of attendance and discipline. Maintaining a high level of attendance and discipline are a major concern of a school head. Poor attendance of learners would reflect inconsistent effort to maintain the number of pupils/students coming to school every day. On the other hand, low level of discipline resulting to cases of vandalism, bullying, abuse, and other forms of violence reflects the inability of the school head to ensure a safe and a child-friendly learning environment for the learners.
  • A school head must encourage parental involvement in the implementation of school plans and programs. One of the frustration or challenges of a school head is the lack or poor involvement of the parents in supporting the school’s effort towards improving learners’ outcome or achievement. The school head needs to encourage therefore the parents to take part in working towards the improvement and betterment of the school.
  • A school head must maintain good communication and collaboration with subordinates and partners. School administrators spend much time and energy in building relationship with learners, teachers, parents, superiors, and stakeholders. Good communication is one of the essences to encourage good and meaningful collaboration towards the betterment of the learners.

There is an indifference to teachers’ training. One of the challenges of a school head is his/her positive regard to trainings as an avenue for the teachers to learn. But hindered by financial constraints due to the reason that there are teachers whose willingness to attend depends on their capacity to finance the expenses or the MOOE fund of the school isn’t even enough to defray the expenses to be incurred in the trainings, same teachers are always being sent to attend, those who can afford the expenses. The school head needs to strategize to source out funds for training of teachers as it is necessary for their growth.

There is a real struggle in leading change. One of the hardest challenges facing a school administrator is leading change. Having the influence to make a positive influence in the lives of his/her learners and teachers, he/she is more often than not disliked by the teachers especially when he/she requires them to perform their work to the best that they can. Sometimes, teachers refuse to perform or work in ways that are different from what they used to do or out of their comfort zones. Sometimes, teachers are hesitant to embrace change especially the older ones compared to the young ones. They refuse accepting additional loads and responsibilities and they tend to resist changes of any form. This will test the ability of the school head to lead his/her subordinate to change without compromising the teachers’ welfare. After all, the teachers are the prime implementers of school policies and programs and it is necessary to work hand in hand with them.

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