The Journey in Poems

The journey undertaken by the ‘traveller’ opens a wide range of experiences. These experiences lead to growth and development in the traveller. These journeys taken by the traveller relate to the travel undertaken from one place to another. This journey can be physical, but it can also be an inner journey as well. An inner journey refers to the growth, development and enlightenment of a person as a result of the experiences. In the prescribed texts, Lewis’ ‘Fax X’, Lalic ‘Of Eurydice’ and Bhatts ‘The One Who Goes Away’ are replicated in inner journeys.

Inner journeys are also reflected in the related texts ‘Bridge to Terabithia’ by Ga’bor Csupo’ and Eminem ‘Cleaning out my closet’. Within these texts, inner journeys are a search for new beginnings, growth and enrichment. In the poem ‘Fax X’ the persona’s journey involves much more than just the travel. In ‘Fax X’ the journey of the day comes to an end and the prospect of tomorrows “new day” awaits the persona.

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Gwyneth uses “tomorrow called out like a ringing buoy” to demonstrate to the audience that today is ending and tomorrow is awaiting with a new beginning/journey. Throughout ‘Fax X’ the responder witnesses that life is a journey of ups and downs and everyday inspires a new beginning with a new set of experiences to take. Gwyneth Lewis portrays the hardships of the day, “so we grabbed on to the railings” to demonstrate that it wasn’t easy, the journey had its up and downs.

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Gwyneth Lewis uses alliteration and simile “today set sail like a cruising ship” to give the reader visual imagery of life being like a cruise ship. The effect of the alliteration and simile shows audience that the author is creating imergry of the personas inner journey. In the poem ‘Fax X’ the journeys taken by the persona have involved much more than just the travel. Bhatt’s ‘The one who goes away’ uses the personas physical journey to demonstrate that the journey involves much more than the travel.

Throughout the poem Sujata has used regularly “But I am the one who always goes away” to illustrate to the audience that the persona is forever starting a new journey. “We were not allowed to take much” shows the audience that the persona was only allowed to take minimal items of her own. As the persona is travelling she is faced with many hiccups that may have prevented her from moving on and continuing her journey. Even though these new beginnings may have not be positive, the persona is still wanting to travel and continue. Throughout the poem ‘The one who goes away’ Sujata Bhatt has shown the audience that the personas journey involved much more than just the travel. Eminem’s ‘Cleaning out my closet’ shows the audience that the journey taken involves much more than the travel. The artist has used personal experiences to relate inner journeys.

Eminem uses a metaphor “skeletons in my closet” to tell the audience that he has done immoral mistakes in the past, but has grown and learned from his errors. Eminem compares his wife and child to his parents in the song. From doing this he has shown the audience of the mistakes his parents had made, and how he learned from them. Eminem’ ‘Cleaning out my closet’ tells the audience that the journey involved was much more than just the travel. Ivan Lalic’s poem ‘Of Eurydice’, through the persona and techniques, shows that a journey can be seen as much more than just travel. As the persona embarks on his new journey down to the underworld, he finds himself “alone”. Lalic used an oxymoron “afraid and hideously enriched’ to show the audience that the persona was scared but grew as a person at the same time. The oxymoron “hideously enriched” tells the audience of the unpleasantness of his experiences, but he has learnt so much about death, life and himself and the human frailty. Through the use of techniques, Ivan Lalic has shown that journeys involve character growth and enrichment, not just the travel. In Gabor Csupo’s 2007 movie ‘Bridge to Terabithia’ the director uses characters journeys and different techniques to show that journeys involve much more than travel. In scene 17, Lesilie Burke drowns from an accident. Jesse (main character) is faced with the fact that his best friend has died. As Jesse think is “it’s my fault” even though it was an accident.

The use of close up and pan shots bring in the audience as Jessie is crying. Jesse has to now continue a new journey without his best friend along his side. Jesse will have to grow as a human to get past this stage. With the use of these techniques the director has shown that the character has grown as a person and that the journey involved much more than just the travel. The journeys undertaken by the travellers opened a wide range of experiences. In the related and prescribed texts, Lewis ‘Fax X’, Lalic’s ‘Of Eurydice’, Bhatt’s ‘The One Who Goes Away’, Gabor Csupo’s ‘Bridge to Teribithia’ and Eminem’s ‘Cleaning out my closet’ it is evident that the journeys under taken by the personas involved much more than the travel taken.

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The Journey in Poems

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