The Jerry Maguire film and Arliss episodes Essay

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The Jerry Maguire film and Arliss episodes

Behind every great man is a woman. Behind every great sports guy is an agent. As the athlete plays his game, there is this person who deals with most of the negotiations – the sports agent. Working behind the scenes, the sports agent arranges his client’s deals, advertisements, and public appearances. He is his client’s public relations manager. He takes in charge over the business that is in sports. As entertaining as it is, the sports world is a large profit-making business – making the sports agent’s relationship with his client very precious. Ethics is inevitable in every social issue.

In the particular relationship between a sports agent and a sports guy, ethics is an essential factor to make it work. Ethics is basically choosing and doing the good over the wrong choices. For an agent to pull up an ethical behavior, he must engage himself in a commitment to consider the welfare of his client. While the agent do the talking, his client squeezes sweat and effort off his body. It is very important for the agent to protect his client from damaging opportunities. As it is a human fact that our body continues to deteriorate, sports career is not forever.

For an agent to push the health of his client beyond limit is unethical. An agent’s most unethical behavior towards his client is to allow him to be hurt physically and emotionally. It is the agent’s ethical obligation to secure the safety of his client. The worst sports agent thinks of a sports man as a product more than a valuable client. He is more concern with the money being earned than his relationship with his client. The bottom line in unethical behavior revolving around the sports business is money. A sports agent can get as many clients as he could get, aiming of course, for the big pot of gold.

The number of clients an agent holds is inversely related to the quality of relationship goes in between – just like what Jerry Maguire said, “fewer clients fewer money… more attention caring for them”. A personal relationship, truly, truly is the key. Loosing the trust of the client is tantamount to loosing the job. To gain the trust, some agents pretend to care for their clients. But no matter how pretentious they are, sooner or later their true intentions will be revealed. The secret to a sports agent’s success is being a true friend. Sole financial success is only a short term fulfillment.

A fulfilled sports agent career goes beyond the cold cash. True success a sports agent can get is having financial sustainability without jeopardizing the client. The fans also play a very important role in a sports man’s career. The more people love him, the more advertisers would pay for him. No matter how great an athlete is, but if the audience finds him annoying rather than entertaining or inspiring, he would not stay in the sports business for long. His public relations are as much important as his skills. A good image pays. However, relationships are all mutual. The client must also express ethical behaviors towards his agent.

With out the good relationship, it will not work. The sports business plays with the heart. The sports agent must take care of his client; the sports man must take care of himself and his fans. Love the career, not the money. Having all the money in the world is nothing if paid for the price of committing unethical behavior. Intentionally hurting a person, physically or emotionally, in exchange of a profit is no success at all. After all, there is no agent without the client. Prioritizing the prize of earning high above everything else is a grave cause for blindness – making the sports agent not sees the more important things.

The foundation of ethical behavior is based on concern for others. Just like in other types of businesses, the unethical behavior in the sports business is rooted from selfishness to earn a big deal of money. Ethics is usually ignored in the world of profit-generating industries. But the truth is, along with hard work, ethics is the key to long term success. The matter of success in sports is deliberated with in the arena. The sports arena is the home to the athlete’s dreams, the crowd’s cheer, and some agent’s desire to make profit.

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