The James Bond Phenomenon Essay

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The James Bond Phenomenon

The James Bond series of movies is unarguably the most successful film franchise of all time. This is so due to countless of reasons. The spy in the black tuxedo who prefers his Martini shaken and not stirred and possesses a genuine taste for extremely beautiful women is the embodiment of a lot of elements. The book has thoroughly explored what needs to be explored in the mystique surrounding the world’s most famous British super spy. The book in general was not only convincing, but it was of utmost believability.

There were times in my own reading that I found myself having a smirk on my face because of the way Mr. Lindner stroked the obvious facts that everyday people like us can see and yet totally ignore or be unaware of. The book wanders on the realism of James Bond and its counterpart on the superficial side, and that was in my opinion, the most sensible asset the book has to offer. The phenomenon which James Bond brought about to the world, according to the book, could never be discounted, for it defined the contemporary and yet timeless tale of a spy against the bad folks.

For Mr. Lindner, James Bond changed the mindsets of people in varying ways and how the world in general was perceived by mankind. On the other hand, stated Lindner, “how the people viewed crime totally changed when the phenomenon of James Bond occurred. ” Christopher Lindner not only focused on how James Bond literally changed the world, but focused equally and emphasized on the ways he did it. Not only in the way it penetrated culture but on how the Bond franchise became a sort of a tradition among moviegoers and aficionados.

From the perspective of the book, James Bond thrives in the world of popular art, and yet embedded in a world of his own. Not only was the James Bond the motion picture franchise touched by the book, but on how it became so enduringly successful and how it managed to hold its own against time, the generations, and the changing of the tastes and preferences of the merciless critics, moviegoers and the viewing public in general.

The evolution of the James Bond as portrayed by actors and Bond’s hard road to finality and success were stunningly described in Mr. Lindner’s fabulous work. Concurrently, he had managed to be the voice of the ordinary moviegoer in how he had stated the differences of the impact that Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan had inflicted upon the tradition and at the same time being an avid showbiz insider in the way he elaborated all the negotiations and the processes in which the mere novel underwent en route to become a phenomenon.

And moreover, not only the difference among the actors were thoroughly touched by Lindner, and their fortes, on how they captured the audience and most significantly, the figurative sense in which they wore the black tuxedo and their general appeal in the eyes of the world. Even though Lindner had tackled the personas of James Bond throughout the spy’s existence for almost half a century, he still managed to dig much, much deeper into the persona, the man with the most gentlemanly of manners, with the most cunning of ways, and those three sheer convincing eternal words that virtually every civilized individual on earth could recite.

“Bond, James Bond. ” No stone was left unturned in the book, no apparent detail about the world’s most famous spy was overlooked, and there no exaggerations, just plain and simple obviousness, a more elaborate and keen obviousness regarding the mystique, the thrill, the ways and the wave that James Bond infectiously swayed upon the world, yes, the whole world. Works Cited: Lindner, Christoph. The James Bond Phenomenon: A Critical Reader. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2003.

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