The Issues of Energy Usage, Sustainability and Alternative Sources in the United States

There are many factors to take into account when discussing energy usage and sustainability. You must consider the costs involved, what resources you are using, if the resources are renewable or non-renewable, and how sustainable the plan is for the future. When we take all of these factors into account, we can more easily come up with solutions that benefit the environment for generations to come. Currently the United States is highly dependent on fossil fuels for our energy resources.

The United States government is split on where to progress when it comes to energy consumption.

There are many who want to progress in greener methods using renewable resources, but there are others stating that full or substantial reliance on renewable resources is costly and not currently realistic. I feel that we need to start somewhere if we are ever going to have a dramatic shift in our reliance on unsustainable and non-renewable fossil fuels.

Currently in Sparksville, we are having issues with our hydroelectric dam.

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The dam is old and is costing more money for repairs than it would be to tear it down. If we tear down the dam, we need to look at other energy sources. We could purchase electricity from the neighboring city, but they use a nuclear power plant which is non-renewable and contributes to pollution. We need to instead look at greener and more renewable sources for energy.

Because of this, I developed a sustainability plan to try and help Sparksville in as many aspects as possible.

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While developing my sustainability plan, I had to take into account the different resources available for energy. I also had to take into account the different aspects of Sparksville that would be affected. Sparksville needs to have sustainable power, a healthy environment and ecosystem, a dependable budget, and healthy vibrant roadways and communities. I first looked at the renewable resources available. From my research, I found that Sparksville was well suited for either solar or wind energy, both of which are renewable resources (Nonrenewable Energy Sources, Foundations of a Sustainable Energy System: Conservation and Renewable Energy).

I determined that wind may be too intermittent so I settled on solar power. I opted for my sustainability plan to use solar panels. Rather than having individual homeowners foot the bill for roof solar panels, I opted for a large scale area to be used to harness and collect solar power. This puts a bigger budget on the city, but promotes an economic boost in that citizens do not need to pay as much and therefore can spend more in the local economy.

As a baseline source of energy, I opted for Natural Gas. Natural gas does not provide as much energy, but is the least harmful to the environment when it comes to air pollutants. Natural gas is still a fossil fuel though, but is required right now until a more sufficient baseline can be proven to interact well in our community. I also felt education was not enough to promote our citizens to utilize and understand these new energy utilization changes.

Rebates and fees for usage and non-usage of these resources can be used to encourage residents to not only abide by new regulations, but to research and understand them and the need for them. The last choice I made was to utilize large roadways for expansion of our community, but to also introduce a light rail to reduce transportation costs and fossil fuel usage. All of these changes will have an initial effect on our budget, but are manageable by simulation predictions. In the long term we will reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, and the costs to produce energy for our city.

I am hoping these changes will be as effective as I have researched, and I am hoping we will produce a vibrant green city that others in the nation can learn from. If I am successful with these policy, economic, and infrastructure changes, then other cities and communities can learn from our results. We already know that non-renewable resources cannot be used sustainably forever. We need to start making changes to influence our reliance on fossil fuels. I am hoping this change will promote others in the nation to make similar changes that are beneficial to their communities. Education is important, but we need to try and start making changes that others can use as an example. I am hoping that these changes will be such an example for generations to come, such as your generation.

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