The Issue of Police Brutality Cases in the United States

According to a previous study, there are thousands of reports each year of assault, and ill treatment against many officers that use unnecessary force and violate the human rights of their victims (Klahm, 2010). Police brutality is growing concern nowadays. There are thousands of reports every year of physical attacks by police, and ill treatment against many officers that use unnecessary force and violate the human rights of their victims. Police officers are injuring and even killing people through the use of extreme force and brutal treatment.

A major problem in the urban area is that police is abusive of civilian rights, but it’s important for the officer to consider the appropriate amount of force for them to use in a situation. In a number of cases, the force used by a police officer can become excessive when it gets to the point where they kick, beat, or even shoot people that pose no threat to them at all. Police brutality cases have received more attention due to the fact that there have been some high profile cases that reached the media.

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The use of excessive force is a criminal act and is also a white collar crime. April 5″, 2018 NYC police officers shot and killed a black man Saheed Vassel.

Saheed was known by the community and known to be mentally ill. “Just walk around the neighborhood and help people” his father told the news on the day of his murder. The police officers were responding to a call about a man threatening people and they believed Saheed fit the description.

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Five officers came to the scene and shot 10 times because they believed he was holding a gun, which turned out to be a metal pipe. “The suspect then took a two-handed shooting stance and pointed an object at the approaching officers” stated the chief. Even if Saheed had a gun the police officers had no right to kill him. I think it is agreed by all parties that the life-threatening occurrence of police brutality needs to come to an end before the entire United States is out shooting each other to prove a point. The point they would be proving is the fact that officers can get away with it, so why can’t  they? If you can come up with a solution for this issue, send it to the court so they can give you the award of doing nothing about it because they don’t see anything wrong with police brutality. As they think, all police officers are innocent and just kill people for their own safety. This is an example of sarcasm because it is intended to say that the law system is not fair and everything is clearly in favor of police officers.

But my intention is far from being confined to provide only for the betterment of the United States. People need to stop being murdered by police officers for no valid reason. Police officers need to not just jump to conclusions and kill someone because they think a phone is a gun. About 300,000 of these murders have happened but if you think about it, none of these murders would happen is there weren’t any police officers to kill them.

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