The Issue of Overpopulation in 7 Billion, a National Geographic Magazine Video

The video was a warning of the human population’s rapid growth. One after the other, the 2010 video provided different facts regarding this matter. The video starts out by taking the number 7 billion and putting it into perspective. “It would take 200 years just to count to 7 billion out loud. 7 billion step would take you around the world around the globe 133 times.” The video notes that in 1800, the world’s population was only 1 billion and predicted that by 2045 there could possibly be 9 billion people on the planet.

The video then began to put the human population into perspective and brought in other factors (such as longer life expectancies).

The video noted that by 2050, 70% of the human population will be residing in urban areas. According to the video, “standing shoulder to shoulder, all 7 billion of us would fill the city of Los Angeles. This fact served as a transition to bring about the opinion“…it’s not space we need, it’s balance.

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” After bringing forth the “balance” perspective, the video goes on to note several unnerving facts: “5% of us consume 23% of the world’s energy. 13% of us don’t have clean drinking water. 38% of us lack adequate sanitation.” Each of the presented facts strengthening the argument of imbalance in our ever growing society. Personally, I found the video to be very informative. Though the video was originally posted in 2010, the issue has not gone away, but lives on. The rate that the population is growing is alarming, especially when so many people are being added to a population that already has sever imbalance.

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Controlling, providing for, and living with the 7 billion people that populate this earth (and the billions more that are anticipated to join us) is an issue that should be regarded with greater severity and plans of action. And there are so many other issues that coincide with overpopulation. One such issue is that of carrying capacity. By definition, carrying capacity is the amount of organisms that a region can support without environmental degradation. At some point (if the rate at which the human population grows continues) humanity will reach its carrying capacity and natural forces will wipe up out in an attempt to bring our population back down.

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