The Issue of Global Warming

The issue at hand is global warming. It is an issue that affects the entire world but sadly a lot of people overlook it and ignore it. It is an important topic to discuss because of the fact that it affects every single person that lives on this earth. We share the world so in this case of climate change, every decision you make that can affect the environment, affects every person in the world. Climate change is caused by pollution in our air.

The air becomes polluted when we use certain products and resources and don’t dispose of them correctly. We see this issue in just about every city on the Earth anymore. There really isn’t a city where there isn’t pollution so that means that there isn’t a city on earth that doesn’t have an effect on the environment. The sad truth is that there is a startling amount of people who do not even believe that global warming and climate change are real.

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They think it is some sort of hoax that scientist are making up. It is hard to believe that there are people out there who believe this since there is so much simple evidence proving that climate change is real and it is happening now. If people wake up and realize that the actions they take every day effect the environment and their health, then maybe there would be more done to stop it. People should not ignore the facts, and governments around the world shouldn’t either.

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They need to put more effort toward finding a way to reverse the effects of climate change and become stricter so people realize that this is a real issue that is getting worse all the time.

There are actions to take that can help prevent or at least slow down climate change and global warming. Some actions can be simple and the average person can do it, but some solutions take much more effort and much more manpower. As for the little things anyone could do to help, recycling is a great way for someone the keep the Earth clean. It is also really easy and simple to do. There are too many benefits of recycling for it to not be an action everyone can take. In my opinion, if people do not recycle or complain about recycling, they are just plain lazy or they like to find things to complain about. It not only helps the environment, but it can directly help the person doing it too. Sometimes when cans and bottles are turned into the right place, a cash reward is given. That should be reason enough to recycle even for the people who complain about recycling. They can’t complain when they are getting money back for doing it. If everyone knew how not recycling can hurt the environment there would hopefully be many more people who take part in the recycling process. There should be more done to educate people on what happens when cans, bottles, papers, and any other reusable material is not recycled. Southeastern Recycling does a great job of explaining what happens when a can or bottle when it is thrown away instead of recycled with this video

It is amazing how a little amount of recycling can prevent so much pollution and trash from being produced. It is also startling how much of the plastic and trash ends up in the landfills and in the oceans which kills animals. This is just another reason to recycle. Trash kills animals and throws off the balance of the ecosystem. Watching the video above, it is horrifying to think that only twenty eight perfect of plastic bottle are recycled each year which leaves seventy two percent of all plastic bottles to end up in the worlds oceans and landfills. That is a lot of plastic and that means there is a lot of potential to kill animals and the environment. I hope that someday soon the government will start to realize that recycling should be a mandatory action. It helps keep the world healthy and if people keep up their unhealthy and destructive habits then there won’t be much of a world left to live in. Hopefully in this essay, it becomes clear how much recycling benefits everyone and it will convince more people to do it. It is also important to show people how easy it is and that there is not much of an excuse not to do it.

As for the more complex ways to fix and prevent climate change, there are studies being done that show geoengineering helps keep global warming at bay. Scientists are researching everything from wind powered and remote controlled sun reflective ships to genetically altered plankton that somehow prevent the ozone from disappearing and lower ultra violet light levels here on Earth (Mileham). This all seems pretty crazy and outlandish because that is how science usually is, but nothing sounds crazier than suggesting to actually altar the Earth’s atmosphere to stop the global warming trend. It is only a theory at this point, but still a viable option (Ralston). Some of these ideas above would help global warming by lowering the carbon dioxide levels in the Earth’s atmosphere. There is research that has been conducted which backs up the theory that carbon dioxide levels are directly linked to climate change.

When the carbon dioxide levels increase the temperature levels also increase. It is also imoirtant to point out that the temurature and carbon dioxide levels are increasing as the years increase as well. This supports the idea that our actions as humans have progressively gotten worse as the years go on and that they directly hurt the environment we live in. There are a lot of ideas, options and solutions for climate change, but it will be hard to make these effective if the government around the world doesn’t back up the cause.

What I hope to achieve with this essay is to enlighten people on how much their little actions, like recycling or not recycling, affect not only everyone around them but it affects everyone in the entire world. I just want people to understand how their actions can affect their environment and I also want them to know how to change their actions to help their environment so that the world can be a cleaner and healthier place. I want to convince people that it is worth is to recycle. I also want people to know what can be done about climate change so that they can support it and maybe even get the government behind the cause. That would help tremendously. It is important to me to educate people because I would like for everyone to know the possible risks and what they can do to help keep the world a cleaner place. Like I said before, the actions that one person makes has the ability to affect the entire world.

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