The Iron Curtain: a Prelude to the Cold War Essay

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The Iron Curtain: a Prelude to the Cold War

Winston Churchill’s speech is primarily about the seemingly inevitable and most likely imminent approach of yet another war, only this time fought between democracy and communism. He conducts his speech in the United States, to warn them of this new war known a few years later as the Cold War that befell on certain parts of the world wherein democracy and communism would clash against each other; one example is North and South Korea, during the Korean War.

The speech that Churchill gave was more of a warning about an approaching war which could possibly be just as devastating as the Second World War that swept Europe and Asia. He mentioned that it could still be prevented if the United States, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union could talk things over while it was still early. An Iron Curtain was definitely in place across Central and Eastern Europe, as he mentioned, and this could ultimately lead the World, especially Europe, into another great war, which he despised.

The first time he gave such a warning has fallen on deaf ears as no one thought that Germany could rise from the ashes and conquers Continental Europe. At the time of the Speech, that war just recently ended and yet the threat of communism and its controlling grip could lead Europe into yet another fresh war; the last thing he wanted to see for the world to experience.

Another war yet approaches as Churchill gave his speech. However, this war could still have been avoided, and more lives could have been spared from its devastating nature in certain parts of the world. As Churchill explained, the British are prepared for the inevitable, and bid the Americans that they should be as well, in order to save Europe one more time.

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