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In this paper we will speak about the intrapreneurship consequence in the concern growing in Kosovo. Intrapreneurship compere with entrepreneurship is the invention and creativeness that employees have for their organisation. Intrapreneurship plays an of import function presents in a modern and dynamic economic system. The failure of an intrapreneur strongly affects society, if we consider the doomed chances and the resources consumed. It is hence necessary to better understand the importance of intrapreneurship for the planetary economic system, something that we will seek to foreground in this paper.

For the company to win in the concern environment and in their industry they have to be really originative and advanced. Companies have to come up with the new merchandises, selling scheme and new ventures etc.

Cardinal words: Intrapreneureship, concern growing, invention, creativeness, society, planetary economic system, merchandises, selling scheme, new ventures.


Intrapreneurship means a competitory aggressiveness, hazard pickings, reactiveness and innovativeness within a corporation. It refers to the employees’ enterprise to set about something new without them being requested to make so.

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[ 1 ]

The construct of intrapreneurship is about seeing persons working within big corporations and SMEs leverage their deep industry cognition and apprehension of the concern spreads within their sectors to make profitable companies. [ 2 ]

Policies to excite entrepreneurship and intrepreneurship are necessary to hold new working topographic points and economic growing. Government functionaries should take exciting actions to promote new enterprisers to take the hazard on making new endeavors. Besides, there should be jurisprudence enforcement for the right in belongings and promote a competitory market.

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Intrapreneurship is really of import for Kosovo’s companies since we know that Kosovo is the newest state in the Europe and is in development procedure. The planetary economic system has significantly grown with the furthering of the procedure of globalisation which has resulted in a planetary fiscal, industrial and concern system.

Liberalization of trade, by implementing free-market policies and take downing trade barriers together with the creative activity of an international model that serves as a promoting and safeguarding system, chiefly seen in the international understandings on trade and international establishments, have led to rapid growing in trade and investing. Economic gap of national boundary lines has unlocked the potency for farther growing by increasing the productive capacities and chances for investings.

Most of the companies in Kosovo are SME companies. This tells us that its really large figure of enterprisers compere with intraperneureship, which is non developed. This comes as grounds because there are really few large companies or corporates that gives chances to the employees to research their cognition by taking enterprises for the invention and new merchandise development.

In this paper we will see the position of the inraperneureship in Kosovo’s companies and see impact of holding good intraperneureship in the economic system growing.

Research Methodology

The research will be conducted by roll uping informations from available of the secondary beginnings such as studies, legislative acts, instances, books, encyclopaedia, diaries, seminar, conference documents and internet stuffs.


Hypothesiss that will be tested will be as follows: Ho-basic hypothesis:

How much higher is the integrating of intrapreneure activities and those of strategic direction, the higher is the addition in belongings houses and economic development of the state.

  • Hi 1: General Strategies sing the employee integrating aid companies and specially SMEs cut down opportunities of failure,
  • Hi 2: Growth of SMEs, little and average affects in the cut downing the unemployment rate ( Orientation of the houses toward competitory growing )
  • Hi 3: Growth of SMEs towards maximization effects of the export.

General Strategies sing the employee integrating helps companies and speciallySMEs cut down opportunities of failure

The employee integrating helps companies and specially SMEs to increase the prosperity and cut down the opportunities of failure. In Kosovo most of the companies do non hold invention section and they are more into transcript past thought instead than coming up with new thought. Innovation and creativeness is something that helps companies to come up with new thought of investings like puting in the new thought of merchandises, researching the market and foretelling the hereafter hazard.

Intrapreneurship is an illustration of employees’ motive, which through their originative spirit is indispensable for their company, therefore going a cardinal constituent of this phenomenon. By exciting the creativeness of employees, the company can accomplish its aims, to be advanced and to regenerate itself from a strategic point of position. A figure of surveies show that employees who have a originative spirit are the footing of a competitory and successful company. If employees demonstrate originative power at their workplace, if they come up with new thoughts that can farther be valuable for future merchandises and procedures, they help to increase the possibility that other employees feel motivated to come up with new thoughts.

Therefore, in order to be updated with the current alterations and to be concurrent in the market they need to be advanced and originative sing the concern thoughts. Competitiveness is one thing that makes company suffer and possibly neglect in the hereafter. In Kosovo companies are more into transcript of concern thoughts than developing their inventions and creativity.

Invention labs are really needed in Kosovo because in order to assist SME companies to acquire bigger and to research their merchandises oversees they need to be really originative in order to be competitory in the market and specially in the alien markets. In most of the SMEs in Kosovo when we see the statement of fiscal places we understand that income that they possess is about same with other companies and they grow until to the one phase and they get stuck at that place. So, for SMEs to growing their income and to go bigger and bigger they need to implement the intrapreneurship by incorporating employees in the invention, creativeness and determination devising procedures.

Turning of SMEs, little and medium helps in the cut downing the unemployment rate

( Orientation of the houses toward competitory growing )

Unemployment rate in Kosovo is really high around 40 % comparing to the immature coevals that enter the working market every twelvemonth. So, intraprenuarship is considered really indispensable in smoothing this unemployment rate and give this coevals new possibilities on demoing their on the job potency. Furthermore, happening work for this coevals we besides have impact on the so called encephalon drain, which is a refering issue for Kosovo. So, interprenuarship is non holding impact merely in the economic growing but besides in the facet of maintaining young person and their possible inside the state.

Presents, little endeavors have high precedence for footings of battling unemployment in states with developed economic system markets merely as in passage economic systems. Evidence turn outing that in Europe and everyplace in the universe most of the concerns are SMEs. Whereas Regarding Kosovo, the informations show that 99.97 % are non taken micro using 63.95 % of the entire employees in SMEs. Average employees for a micro endeavor workers is 1:57 ( See table below )

How many workers are employed by watching the gap figure of SMEs. Harmonizing to the tabular array, in 2011 the figure of employers by the SMEs was 63 % in all endeavors, and in 2012 this was increased in 81 % , where 19 % of this difference were employed in large endeavors. [ 3 ]Harmonizing to the tabular array, from 2007 until 2011 the figure of SMEs has been increased with a rate of 20 % every twelvemonth, and the general addition in this last five old ages was about 35 % , but there is non a certain figure of the SMEs that have been closed or bankrupted. Taking into history the figure of people that enter the working market every twelvemonth, it is estimated that Kosovo needs a existent economic growing at least 7 % .

Growth of SMEs towards maximization effects of the export.( The impact of the intraprenuarship in Kosovo’s economic system )

Intrapreneurship helps SME companies to turn up and after a piece to go corporate or large fabrication. In Kosovo figure of corporates is really little compared with SME companies. Kosovo’s economic system is in shortage as import is higher than export, this tells us that most of the goods we export from outside because the production degree in Kosovo is really little.

Datas from Kosovo ‘s external trade indicate a lower trade shortage for the month of November 2013 compared with 184.2 million euros from 188.1 million euros shortage in the same period of 2012. Import covers merely 10.6 % . Exports in November 2013 were deserving 21.8 million euros, while imports were 206.0 million euros, a lessening of ( -10.8 % ) and export of ( -3.1 % ) for imports compared to the same period of 2012.

Figure: Entire Export and Import for June 2011-2013


Harmonizing to the chief export groups ( 46.4 % ) constitute export of base metals and articles thereof, ( 20.4 % ) , mineral merchandises ( 6.0 % ) , plastics, gum elastic and articles thereof ( 5.8 % ) works merchandises ( 5.6 % ) prepared groceries, drinks and baccy ( 5.3 % ) fabric and fabric articles etc.

Harmonizing to the informations for import groups ( 18.6 % ) of import of mineral merchandises ( 12.7 % ) prepared groceries, drinks and baccy ( 12.3 % ) , machinery, mechanical and electrical equipment ( 10.3 % ) base metals and articles thereof ( 7.0 % ) , merchandises of the chemical industry ( 6.1 % ) , plastics, gum elastic and articles thereof etc.

So, based on this we can see that import is really high when we compare with export in Kosovo and this tells us that figure of corporates or fabricating that exist is really little. By implementing intraprenurship more in Kosovo can assist a batch to increase the figure of the employees and at same clip increase the export because SMEs in Kosovo are more into hooking each other than coming up with their thoughts. [ 4 ]

Decision and recommendations

Based on the information above we can hold that intrapreneurship plays an of import function presents in a modern and dynamic economic system of the state and specially in Kosovo. The failure of an intrapreneur strongly affects society, if we consider the doomed chances and the resources consumed. It is hence necessary to better understand the importance of intrapreneurship for the planetary economic system.

Employees / intrapreneurs can utilize their originative and advanced thoughts to make new merchandises, procedures or new divisions for their company holding full support from the company and the handiness of the necessary resources.

Measure and quality of human resources allocated to advanced enterprises are important to the success of originative thoughts. Incentives for bring forthing originative thoughts help employees to concentrate their attempts on merchandise development undertakings and invention aims. This is influenced by how risk-taking is managed, thoughts are evaluated, errors are spared, alterations are discussed, communicating is supported, the designation of thoughts is done, reward systems are established, etc. [ 5 ]

Therefore, in Kosovo there is really much needed for employees to be advanced and originative into making thoughts. Another thing that needs to be done for companies in order to take part in the planetary market they have to hold the employee integrating, where employees can take part in the merchandise development, lunching and determination devising.

Scheme of the direction needs to alter in Kosovo’s companies where the proprietor of the company does non necessitate ever to be the portion of the on the job staff and specially where most of the determinations come from that individual, which most of the clip is non something that is new in the market but something that is already in the market and they think that they can vie with the rivals.

At the terminal, I would truly urge to all the companies sing SMEs and large cooperates in Kosovo to get down implementing more the interpernuership activities because merely by making so we can increase ore net income and we can take part in the planetary market which can assist us to cut down the import and at same clip to increase the export.


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