The Interpersonal Communication Presented in the Movie The Way Way Back

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In the movie, The Way Way Back there is three majority scenes where the characters shows their interpersonal communication and context of their relationships in terms of those around them. The movie is about a boy by the name of Duncan, who has accompanied his mom, her new boyfriend, and step-sister to be to their vacation home. Throughout the movie we see that Duncan is struggling with some interpersonal issues of his own but his character flourishes with the help of some new friends he makes at the water park near by.

The three main camps that highlights the issues related to roles amongst the characters. These camps include the adults at the beach, the adults at Water Wizz, and the adolescents throughout the entire movie.

The first camp is the adults at the beach. Trent, the rude somewhat outspoken boyfriend, and Pam, Duncan’s mother who is shy to cause problems, run into conflict with one another as Pam suspects that Trent is cheating on her.

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The specific scene that really highlight the struggle between the two is the when Duncan finds Trent making out with his past summer fling, Steph, with his mother obliviously sitting around the fire assuming he is getting the ingredients for S’mores. Pam picks up on the suspicion as she mentions that “it took you that long to get S’mores.” and then sees Steph following behind him. Later in the movie, Pam catches Trent in a lie he had gone missing for a day and claims that he was on a boat with his buddy, but his buddy clarifies that the boat is temporarily out of service.

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The conflict initially blows up from there as Pam now knows Trent had been cheating on her. The second scene to be mentioned is the adult’s at Water Wizz.

The manager Owen and his co-worker Roddy, both are slightly boyish type men who goof around, do not really take their job too seriously, and have no filter towards what they say. They are both single men so they do not show any type of parental role, but more a sibling type roles when Duncan begins to work for them. They show him how to open up, be flirtatious with girls, as well as become more sociable. They really make Duncan come out of his shell and take him under their wings almost as a little brother to them. The last camp to be mentioned involves the adolescents. Duncan is the main character of the movie and goes through the most character transition. Susanna is sassy, blunt neighbor girl that lives in the house next to Duncan’s vacation home. Susanna also brings Duncan out of his shell by invoking conversation with him, even when he is completely awkward and doesn’t say much. She invites him to hang out, she even ditches her friends at times to hang out with him instead. There is some connection between the two but it isn’t necessarily romantic. When Duncan gets upset about his mom not saying anything to Trent about cheating, he storms away and Susanna follows him to console him. In the scene, simply her presence brought Duncan comfort because it symbolized that he actually had someone there when everyone seemed to be gone.

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