The Internet and its Significance in the Modern World Essay

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The Internet and its Significance in the Modern World

Today in this modern world, a lot of things remain in a constant changing phase. One of these things are the technologies that keep on making the lives of people easier. During the late 90’s up to the brink  of the 21st century one of the most notable breakthroughs in telecommunication technologies is the discovery and the development of the Internet.

In a lot of impeccable and impressive ways, the Internet has continued to change the lives of people in different ways since it was first made known to the public. Today, more and more people can be observed to stay for longer hours in front of their computer monitors because of the amazing services that the Internet now offers.

Truly from electronic mailing to online shopping, electronic libraries, online entertainment, electronic commerce and up to gaming, the Internet has definitely made a considerable amount of change in people’s lives. But also considering the issues associated with several internet services and internet site today, can it still be considered to post significance or is it safe to say that its services are just being deceptive?

The Significance of The Internet and Its Services

Considering that the internet is not a single line or network but a rather vast and complex interconnections of different lines and networks touching and covering almost the entire globe,  all the world may truly seem to be at people’s fingertips (Gralla, 1998). In this interconnection of networks almost all things that come associated with telecommunications appear possible. Now, people from different parts of the globe can communicate and share documents, photos and a lot of other files which appear very advantageous despite the distance between them.

A lot of sites already provide user-friendly chatrooms file-sharing technologies which make this distant communication and file-transfer achievable. A lot of people especially young ones can easily name popular sites under these field just like the Yahoo Messenger run by the Yahoo Company, Google Talk by Google, Hotmail messenger, ICQ, Skype and a lot more.  But aside from this, a lot of of other services have already sprung out of simpler ones such as electronic-business and commerce, online libraries and academic resources and even the field of governance was touched in online government management.

This would entail that the internet is not basically about telecommunications alone, rather it opens doors to a lot of other possibilities and breakthroughs in other fields. In some ways, this can justify why a lot of people, especially the teenagers are being so hooked up and attracted to the services the internet brings. This is because this “wired generation” is definitely widening the area of a lot of possible developments helpful in making people’s everyday tasks a lot easier (Schwartz, 2002).

But aside from all the aforementioned services, one of the biggest and most influential service that the internet was able to offer is its being a research tool through its search engine facilities. In this relation the prevalence of a lot of researching and academic sites that offer educational and informational materials for students can be very observable today. Some of these like wikipedia, helium, google books. Questia, spark notes and a lot of other sites offer very user-friendly inter-phases which makes these sites very easy and convenient to use over the traditional printed materials. Because of this, book reports and a lot of other writing assignments have appeared very doable for students with just some clicks of buttons (Hawkins, n. d.).

These sites offer academic research materials from various fields that easily accessible for students themselves since most of these sites offer their services fro free. The existence and development of these technologies now reinvents and redefine how students do academic research since more students nowadays would be seen researching through the use of the portable laptop or computers instead of the traditional researching through books. Thus in a lot of ways, these aids and developments that the internet has been making in this field of research can be seen to do a lot in making academic research more enjoyable especially for the young ones.

Because unlike in the traditional process of researching where students would have to go through the tedious task of of browsing the archives one-by-one, in online researching, all they would have to do is to click that button and let the network do the very precise – not to mention very speedy – search for them. However, because of this very innovative development in the research field, a lot of other issues started coming out. One of the most controversial ones in the field of the academe is the birth of several web sites which offer fraudulent research services for students for considerable amount of fortune.

This does not just encourage laziness among these students but they are being sucked up of all their allowances in exchange of research papers that do not actually meet their own standards. Hence, considering this, although the internet has brought a lot of very helpful services like online research and education, it nonetheless has also opened a lot of doors for abusive and fraudulent acts which take advantage on the internet’s power and influence.


Much of people’s observed excitement and fascination on the internet can be seen to root from its unique infrastructure which enables distant locations to be connected in a vast and complex network (National Research Council, 1996). It may appear undeniable that the internet has also changed people’s lives in a lot of ways, starting from how people communicate, how businessmen handle their business transactions and even up to how students do research and complete paper works that are formerly done the old-fashioned, tedious ways. Truly, a lot of sites may appear to have very sincere and honest purpose – which is to make people’s everyday task easier.

However, this intention may also appear to be overlaid by fraudulent and abusive intentions that may rather worsen people’s problems instead of easing them. Research is just one field which is continuously being improved on by the internet. Considering all the aforementioned facts and claims, it can thus be safe to say that in years to come, people can really expect for a lot of major and life-altering developments in this field of internet services which will eventually add to the proofs of its significance.


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