The Internet Essay

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The Internet

Even though the way individuals think will become something of the past, search engines will be human brains for the future. Consumed by many different types of computers and different places where information is gathered on the internet; the way of thinking for any individual will not exist in the future if society continues to head in the same direction.

From the 1960’s many scientific and military personnel wanted to create a way for computers to share information. Cool everyone thought! What a marvelous idea! That would mean no more dealing with paper work, no more filling out endless applications or forms on paper, clean office space with no more boxes of paper. It will be great! What society did not know is, how it will affect society as the internet kingdom continues to grow (Howe, 2010).

The normal form of communication now is by the internet. Cultural norms are habit patterns that are mimicked. Behaviors and habits learned are from parents, teacher, friends, peers, and many more individuals whose beliefs, attitudes, and values are with in the families own organizational culture (North Central Regional Educational Laboratory, 1995-2004).

Back in the 1970’s telephone was the number one source of communication. Until the year 2000 society changed drastically. Computers, cell phones, iPod, kindles, ipads, and many more have dominated retail stores and is the newest hot items on the market. Any electronic device is hot. Even gaming systems are on the rise and a form of communication. Monitoring the children on what games are played is a huge factor. Knowing who your children are communicating with online with the games.

In the present, the normal form of dating is, you fill out information about yourself on an online application; and the computer takes information from someone else; and pairs individuals up with someone who desires the same values or beliefs. The computer sends you and email stating that you have a perfect match, and with the click of the link you can communicate with that person to see if he or she is the perfect match.

The internets affect in the political process is on a neutral level. The affects of the internet is good in some ways and bad in other ways. The good is, the internet can work for the politicians and against the politicians. Politicians must win the hearts of the world. The internet will have the power to make a president. The bad part of the internet is, there could be a politician who is good and he or she will make one mistake and will be slandered of negativity from the internet. The results is devastating and life changing either way.

The bubble bursts happened in the years 1999 and 2000. Increased rates was raised six times and the lost of speed in the economy began. The dot com bubble rely’s on the impact of the retail sales. If products are on the rise and are hot, prices of stocks will flourish and stocks will be many. Many cities and states use tax money to fund conferences for technology training. Many State and local government award tax exemptions to technology firms.

Now credit card bubble bursts are on the rise. In the job market skilled visa workers were allowed to work in the US and made situations difficult for the American people to earn a spot in the burst. Increasing stock prices, marketed that companies would turn in upcoming profits.

All of this mumble jumble for stock prices. Capitalist enjoyed to watch the stock prices rise at the expense of the American people. Ideas sold to investors because of the dot-com idea. This life changing research has opened many doors for individuals who are in college and those who are graduating from high school. If the schools could teach the children the life of what to expect in the future. I think survival for the children in the technology world would be a great advantage.

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