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The Social Impact of the Internet on Our Society

In conclusion, the internet has been one of the greatest technological developments which have been experienced in the world. Despite the many challenges which are being faced and with government grappling with ways of regulating internet use, it can be seen that the internet has generated a lot of benefits in the world and has changed the way people think (Hinsch, & Sheldon, 2013)....

The Effect of the Internet on the Newspaper Industry

Newspapers are now an example of traditional media outlets. Every document from the print out, to the fonts, to the arrangements and layouts evokes an old-fashionable visual image with the reader. However, this does not translate well to the web. While transitioning it is not enough to just cut and paste the whole content to a web platform page, the web developers, editors, and designer...

Filipino Children’s Uses of the Internet and Mobile Phone

Livingstone, S. & Bovill, M. (1999). Young people, new media. Report of the Research Project. Children, young people and the changing media environment. London School of Economics and Political Science. Available: http://www.lse.ac.uk/collections/media@lse/whosWho/soniaLivingstonePublications3.htm Livingstone, S. (2002). Children’s Use of the Internet: A Review of Research Literature. Nation...

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Curse of the Internet

The Internet undoubtedly dominates the modern world and the access we now have to information and communication technology has allowed the Internet to move society forward and is beneficial. The Internet is in no way perfect and there are clear problems that need addressing but we must consider that it is relatively new to society and that it will improve in time and that maybe we have not realise...

The Internet has revolutionized modern society

Firstly, the internet is unable to provide interactive and hands on learning. One of the most effective ways of learning is to have classroom discussions with the teachers to facilitate such discussions. Studies from the Harvard University have shown that the students tend to learn better in a sociable environment and are more likely to stick to their studies when they feel part of a strong group....

Life Before the Internet and After

chat with any buddy worldwide and you can see each other no need to meet in reality and there are many applications and website that allows you to do that even for free!!. Fourth, no need to go shopping everything is available in the internet and no need to worry about sizes and colors, on the other hand some people still prefer to go shopping their selfs. However, internet not just allow you to s...

Should the Internet Replace the Book As the Chief Tool of Learning?

In general, people are easily distracted by wild variety of things on the Internet that significantly reduce the studying efficiency. Last but not least, long period that sitting in front of the computer poses potential hazards for human body such as myopia and arthralgia. To sum up, it is not suitable for students to use the Internet as the main tool to learn and to study because of the risk of n...

Advantages & Disadvantages of the Internet in Education

Even though a number of informative sites are available there is also a darker side to the internet with the availability of a large number of other problematic sites that can cause serious effects on a child during these impressionable ages. Even though the internet has in many ways brought the world closer together it has in many other ways caused a lot of damage to relationships and growth of i...

The Influence of the Internet: More Harm than good or Vice Versa

Scams is a really common activity online, you pay for something nice that was shown, and few days later you receive something completely different or a ripoff or not even get anything. Most are just trying to get information such as credit cards. Most common scams are Adverts “Turn your computer into a money making machine” and craigslist. Its very easy to fall into a scam just by a simple ema...

Advantages and disadvantages of using the internet

Among the negative aspects, the possibility of becoming a victim of online fraud should also be mentioned. Even if there are many disadvantages to consider, the internet is still a necessary evil. It helps mass communication to become a process that is completed in only a few seconds, it is useful in relation to all types of daily activities and we all have developed some kind of dependency on its...

Children and the Internet

Another key point refers to the social side of the effects of the internet. “Violent images, foul language and a lack of social rules common to the internet don’t help a child succeed in the real world” (Physical and Social effects of Internet use in children). “Instead of hanging out with friends they show a trend that a computer is more important” (The influence of the Internet on our ...

Kids should be monitored on the internet

Although it is chilling to hear about these crimes, there are ways to protect yourself and your young-ones from the dark places on the internet. First, parents must educate themselves about cyberspace. Most parents don't even know what a chat room or a screen name is. Another way to keep internet safe is to have your computer in a public place in your home such as the living room or kitchen area. ...

Telecommunications, the internet, and wireless technology

COPYRIGHT NOTICE Copyright © 2013 Kenneth Laudon. This work is protected by United States copyright laws and is provided solely for the use of instructors in teaching their courses and assessing student learning. Dissemination or sale of any part of this work (including on the World Wide Web) will destroy the integrity of the work and is not permitted. The work and materials from this site should...

The Internet Brings People Closer

Other - a lot of people use the internet as a getaway, with secretive identities and use the internet as the world they have created for themselves as an escape from the real world. This does not bring people closer together in the slightest, because those people do not share who they really are and spend time away from the people in their lives to create a life online that does not help bring the...

Whether The Internet Should Be Censored

In conclusion, a vast of detrimental effects is caused by the Internet. There are three main reasons: negative information, threat to national security, cybercrime. More specifically, the Internet with some negative information could seriously affect children, and Internet can help spies to steal countries' secrets, and clearly enables lawbreakers commit a crime easily. For the above-mentioned rea...

Freedom of Speech on the Internet

11, no. 1, (p. 135-148) Howard, R. (1995). “Why Censoring Cyberspace Is Futile,” Computer Under- ground Digest 6. 40 (1995). Kretzmer, D. & Hazan, F. K. (2000). Freedom of speech and incitement against democracy, ISBN 904111341X, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers Matas, D. (1997). Countering Hate on the Internet: Recommendations for Action, retrieved on July 16, 2010 from http://www. media-aware...

The Use of the Internet among Youth

Or, is there any chance the Internet could be used to help young people resolve their most problematic issues? These questions remain unanswered, and although the article sheds the light on the way the youth choose to use the Internet, it will be impossible to review the benefits and drawbacks of the Internet expansion and the changes it produces in socialization patterns among adolescents and you...

Young People and the Internet

On the contrary, a drawback of this powerful tool called the Internet it’s that could be very addictive, especially for young people. According to a recent survey, teenagers spend more than 5 hours a day sitting front of the screen communicating with others using social networks or playing video games, instead of going out with friends or practicing real sports. This could become a huge problem ...

The Effects of the Internet on Our Communication

We as human beings are able to communicate more often and more effectively thanks to the efficiency of the media provided by technology, in which communication is available. Particularly, CMC have made it easy so that people, their friends and their families can stay connected no matter how many miles apart they are. The evolvement of technology makes our life more interesting to live. It will sat...

Pornography on the internet and its effects to children

These kinds of entertainments will create curiosity and puzzlements to their young minds that will push them to try it by themselves. Pornographic websites really put an effort to convey their audiences-whether young or old-whom the actions perform on net, believe that those actions are worth emulating for and because of these, children are motivated to imitate it. This is a very important issue f...

Definitions on the Internet of Things

* “The future Internet of Things links uniquely identifiable things to their virtual representations in the Internet containing or linking to additional information on their identity, status, location or any other business, social or privately relevant information at a financial or non-financial pay-off that exceeds the efforts of information provisioning and offers information access to non-pre...

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Surfing the Internet


The Internet Has Changed Our Lives

It has hastened solutions to problems that distance and time used to impose. Entertainment is easier to access through the internet by downloading films, music and games.  These may be a threat to intellectual property and the industries that used to thrive out of the sales of these products but more people stand to gain from access to the World Wide Web. Education has been easier to achieve beca...

The internet’s good and bad

Identity theft is another negative aspect of the internet. Many people submit personal information about their identity such as social security numbers, health care records, and credit card information to online sources on a regular basis as a convenient way of paying bills or ordering merchandise. With these large amounts of detailed personal information floating around on the web it has become v...

Life Before the Internet and After the Internet

Lectures, PowerPoint slides, notes, and required readings are available on the Internet. In conclusion, the Internet has significantly changed the world in the way people communicate, do business, and learn. The rapidity with which these changes took place suggests that more drastic and exciting changes are still to come. New and innovative uses for technology are developed every day, and the Inte...

The Internet revolution

Once it receives the goods from the manufacturer, a digital signature is sent to authorize receipt, which allows the purchase order and receipt to be matched digitally. The purchase order would then instantly be fed into the accounts payable system where funds are transferred at once. This system was known as the Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment system (EBPP). The benefits included streamli...

Merits and Demerits of the Internet

This tends to be inaccurate and speculative in nature, but does provide instant viewership. • Sensationalism - attention-grabbing, controversial programming. Tends to focus on wild or shocking stories rather than "boring" (although possibly more important) issues. I could go on, but that's a good place to start. When I say TV, I immediately think entertainment. Therefore it may have started pure...

History of the Internet

A big part of how pop music affects culture involves how it is distributed. Briefly describe how pop music and music distribution has changed over the last century. A hundred years ago, pop music would be restricted with some sort of censorship of what can and can not be said and can only be heard on the radio with discretion. Now, there are few restrictions and use of vulgar and profanity emerged...

Does the Internet Make You Dumber

Undeniably Carr is right in his notions of the internet being an easy distraction; multi-tasking and prioritising are learnt skills and ones that are undeniably tested by the internets powers of distraction. In our increasingly fast paced world multitasking is a necessary for survival, and therefore will continue to be a required skill for our future. Multitasking is needed in all facets of life m...

Introduction Every day the internet provides ample space for online

Introduction Every day, the internet provides ample space for online petitions, causes and social campaigns. Thus, online social activism is gaining ground. Sociologists wonder whether slacktivism, as it is called, really represents a force or gains so much ground just because it only involves minimal involvement.What is Slacktivism? Slacktivism is a words combination of slacker and activism, that...

Online Dating: The Internet and Relationships

People can chat and meet late in the night without reservations about the time and place. Many sites provide us with the tools we'll need to help us filter out the non-compatible, screen potential dates, and help us to connect with people on a deeper level because what's good for the goose is good for the gander (Schoenwald, 2015). The most significant thing is many online dating sites are free co...

Technologies and the Internet of Things

Everything new is being created is a link in the way we evolved as human beings, perhaps this is a development of Prosperity or reverse. The result here depends on the nature of our use as human beings for this thing. However, everyone can use it in a way that makes it useful or harmful. It seems that the Internet is a lot more technical in the future, and the increasing demand for its services wi...

The Internet provides the non state and state actors with

In conclusion often facts, backgrounds and different perspectives tend to go missing in traditional conflict reporting. Due to lack of time, space and resources, media concentrates on who threw the stone and does not seek out to explain the circumstances in which this stone was thrown. Mass communication has transformed civil society influencing every aspect of governance by directing the will and...

Crimes of the Internet

Last but not least, is a common drawback but the most heartfelt and hurtful, cyberbullying. Defined as "willful and repeated harm inflicted through the medium of electronic text" (Patchin and Hinduja 2006:152), cyberbullying does not only undermines a person's freedom to use and explore valuable online resources, but also can result in severe functional and physical ramifications. Cyberbullying is...

Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things

For industries incorporating IOT services today, the use of IOT makes them a target for hackers. For example, the health sector makes use of connected devices to track and store private data. These devices need a greater level of protection. If not given priority, it can attract more harm as experienced in 2016 when the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Centre had shut down its network for 10 days pr...

Digital Communication and Internet


FAQ about The Internet

Book Review: the Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains by Nicholas Carr

...Reviewers note: In the complexity of today’s technology, and as proof of the dramatic changes the simple act of reading a book, The Shallows is available in hardcover, as well as a Kindle edition, audio book, CD, Audible Audio edition, cassette and ...

How The Internet has Affected the Music Industry

...So despite the early indications that all this technology would go to waste, Microsoft, the record companies and Internet companies seem to have sorted themselves out. The Internet may have once been a huge enemy for the music industry, but it seems ...

How The Internet Destroys Your Brain?

...An entire creative and traditional way generations will be slowly wiped out and a non-creative and technology depending generation will be born. Before it’s too late, a lot of efforts are needed in order to prevent future problems Give ourselves ch ...

What makes someone mad? The internet says insanity may manifest

...All morals and rationality were not able to compete with the overwhelming nature of his desires for power. Insanity reveals the development of corrupt ambition and internal conflict this causes, which ultimately manifested themselves into his downfal ...

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