The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

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The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. I found this one in an association which is from last 165 years International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement with approximately 17 million volunteers, members and staff worldwide and from last 99 years Indian Red Cross established under Central Act XV of 1920 is a voluntary humanitarian organization having a network of over 700 branches and from last 98 years Indian Red Cross Society, during the regime of Maharaja of Mysore Karnataka State Branch.

Why should I love Red Cross?

Because A welfare state needs a strong, sustainable, suitable association with character, vision and which will not sacrifice the interest of the country at large for the sake of smaller groups. I found it in Red Cross Society aims to inspire, encourage and initiate at all times all forms of humanitarian activities so that human suffering can be minimized and even prevented and thus contribute to creating more congeal for peace and also following Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary services, Unity, Universality.

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Only a mission and vision is not enough for the association which is the lifeblood of the entire welfare state. When it achieves the aims it is fulfilling.

When I was reading about history of Red Cross it like love at first sight for me. Because a Henry Dunant aid the wounded soldiers in the battle field during war between Franco-Austrain. It’s very difficult to conceive the soldier’s family pain and situations. Many soldiers were lost their leg or hand or eye or any important organs of body its very deleterious situation to lead life to himself and family.

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It understands when it becomes pain for us. But a man who have great helping nature aid and advice to the soldiers and civilians without discriminating is 1st love towards Red Cross society.

Every year, 4.4 billion of people are affected by both humans caused and natural disasters. It causes loss of life, home, possessions, full range of mental and physical reactions, economic and agricultural loss, displaced population, health and food risk. In that emergency Red Cross took ahead with aims to provide shelter, water, food, and basic health care along with sense of humanity. Indian Red Cross society must have trained volunteers of NSS, Youth, Police, guards with financial supports from revenue of department Disaster Management. Karnataka State Branch in collaboration with Non-Governmental organization conduct health checkup help find problems early, chances for potential treatment and cure and right to medical service, the path for a fitness routine, for the benefit of economically weaker sections.

Many people living there lacked the feelings of love like orphanage and old age home and who are deprived of home, families, domestic violence, acid attacks, suffering from injustice their stories can even make cry at times. But Red Cross made the best possible efforts to make them happy and to resolve their grievances through lawyers with free services and also help to overcome their emotional injuries.
Red Cross also creating consciousness through Social Media. Nuclear Ban- yes. I want to see my family, love, sun, places and live. Role of woman- politics, empowerment, policies, education. Rule of War- Violence, the brutality of war, protection of civilians, detainers food, medical work, right to receive help, detrimental of autonomous robots, once the bullet has been shot. International Humanitarian Law.
I love the very integrity of the Red Cross their loyalty to the ideals and goals of the movement are at stake. these are the reason I love Red Cross. “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love”

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The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

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