The international market of Babybjorn Essay

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The international market of Babybjorn

In this session, I will briefly analyze the international market of Babybjorn.

To begin with, I am gonna show you the basic financial situation of Babybjorn’s international markets. According to Babybjorn’s financial report 2013, the biggest markets are Europe and North America, while Asia enjoys the fastest growth. Other areas also show high growth rate, despite smaller market share.

Then I will test the market growth situation of baby-specific products. The first table is illustrating market size, while the second is on market growth. According to the tables, Western Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America have relatively large market size, among which Latin America and Asia witness the rapidest compound annual growth rate.

Furthermore, according to Interconnection consulting, Babybjorn is dominated with baby carriers. For instance, in the US, Babybjorn owns about 30 percent of the baby carrier market. Therefore, it is appropriate to suppose Babybjorn enjoys high market share within this specific market.

So, when considering all the information above into the BCG Matrix, we achieve a basic classification of the international markets. Asia is the star region, while Europe and North America are the cash cow area. Latin America, Australasia, Middle East and Africa are still question Marks with potential.


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