The Innovation Approach of the Under Armour Company

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With the increasing rate of sporting activities ranging from football, rugby, tennis, Olympics among others, the company’s innovation is likely to witness an improvement in its sales. However, Wallace& Chen (2006) argues that venturing into the new markets, the introduction of the new brands and the pricing policy may be undermined by business legislation. Any apparel manufacturer should comply with the federal labeling requirements. This requires the producer to put a label of fiber content, country of origin, care instructions and the manufacturer on their apparel.

The provision may provide a leakage of the moisture-wicking synthetic fabric technique to the competitors of Under Armour, who may end up designing similar products.

The licensing and distribution laws will also be part of the companies encounter in their new markets. The labor acts vary deepening on nationality. The company may enjoy cheap labor for its production in overseas markets, but may equally face expensive labor depending on the countries’ labor acts. Issues of concern to apparel security may also affect the company, requiring them to design secure apparel that does not compromise human health and physical fitness.

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The selected innovation approach is a sustainable goal that will witness the establishment of the company to a diverse, international and extensive organization, dealing with numerous brands and managing a wide market share (Klewitz& Hansen, 2014). This will lead to the establishment of the company, opening new branches across the globe. Securing the international market will be essential in ensuring that the company is not affected by economic changes at the national levels.

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Even with shrinking markets of a particular nation or product, the company income will remain steady from sales in other markets and alternative products. The innovation is a sustainable change that will enable the company to circumnavigate through major economic changes.

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