The Inglorious Bastards would make glorious movie stars Essay

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The Inglorious Bastards would make glorious movie stars

Nothing sells like a movie on the Holocaust, especially if the Jews win this time. The film tells of two separate plots to annihilate the Nazi Germany political leadership during the Second World War era. The plots are made by two completely different parties, whose plans eventually converge by the end of the movie as fate would have it. One party is a tribe of American-Jewish warriors with a strong desire to kill as many Nazis as they can. They go behind enemy lines and straight into a Nazi occupied territory in France to carry out this plan and de-scalp a hundred Nazi heads for each of them.

The other party is a young lady who grew up hiding as a Frenchwoman after she survives the massacre of her Jewish family. She grew up seeking refuge in a cinema in Paris which eventually becomes the venue for the culmination of the movie, and of the seemingly undefeatable Third Reich. With the said plot of the film, one would expect that the setting of the film would be on a concentration camp or a depressed war zone. However, this film would go beyond what most war film goes for: Inglorious Bastards will not capitalize on state-of-the-art cinematic effects and the tension brought about by violence and dead, bloody bodies.

While most war movies depict only the violence of war in combat zones, this film would shed light on what other war situations mostly ignored. The film would present the ironically quiet life of learning to live with the war in a Nazi-occupied territory of France, intermeshed with the regular routine of everyday life without the bomb explosions. What would build the tension would be the fear felt, as tangible as it could be, by the oppressed people inhabiting this area and living in a country thousands and miles away. Needless to say, the film would centralize on extreme patriotism, the fight for freedom, and yes, even the concept of revenge.

The epic history of the Nazis’ hunt for the total obliteration of the Jews would never get old for moviegoers. For one, no other event in history could compare to what the Jews went through during the holocaust. The sufferings of colonized countries within hundreds of years of oppression would stale in comparison to the cruelty and injustice this particular race went through. Witnessing the triumph of a plot against the reigning tyrants presented on a silver screen would surely bring about a sense of united victory among people from different races.

The background and experiences of the characters are already films in themselves, but what the characters would actually carry out throughout the film to achieve their goals would bring a lot more to the table. Although, some may argue that the concept of revenge would promote terrorism or violence. That is how the treatment of the film would come in to actually reverse that assumption. As mentioned in the preceding paragraph, this film would not show multiple and never-ending scenes of war veterans exhausting all their ammunition to end up as victors of a war.

On the contrary, majority of the scenes of Inglorious Bastards would be quiet conversations. This way, the audience would not only see the mechanics of war, the psyche of the characters would also be understood. Take the case of the antagonist for example, who holds a high position in the Nazi hierarchy. He is more terrorizing than Adolf Hitler himself, but only a few instances in the entire film would the audience actually witness him in a fit of rage. He delivers his orders calmly, which is more effective and would elicit more fear from the characters and audience.

Having Quentin Tarantino as the writer and director of the film would make it more interesting than it already is. Tarantino is known for introducing a new genre in the field of filmmaking in Hollywood. His incorporation of the pop culture, which proliferated in the 1970s, in the narration of his movie’s plot brings the audience to a new world. With the non-linear narration of the film, the movie is set to arouse the interest in every moviegoer. With the non-predictability feature of his films, the audience would not fall into a hazy daze but rather explode with excitement with every second and scene that goes by.

In the case of Inglorious Bastards, Tarantino actually labored for at least a decade in the production of the movie’s script. Taking into consideration Tarantino’s unique writing style and the amount of labor exerted on this script would prove the quality of the script. His non-linear process of narration is not necessarily unique to him, but his choice of language and words known for his style would increase to the kindled interest of moviegoers everywhere. Knowing Tarantino and the meticulous attention he pays to details, we would be sure he would not get any cinematographer who just happens to be available during the production months.

For the production of the movie, the same cinematography Tarantino has been working with for his other previous films would be the same person in charge for Inglorious Bastards. In the previous movies, we can see that the unconventional cinematographic style veers away from simply choosing between a wide angle or a close-up shot. This method of cinematography would complement Tarantino’s unique way of doing movies and would add to the cohesiveness of the film. Similar to the cinematography, the soundtrack of the film would not be what a professional in the industry would expect.

The usual orchestra playing a melody in the background would not supplement the fear element in the movie; nor would it use songs from modern day rock bands. To maintain the simplicity of the film, the practice of using background music used in the previous decades. This is also done to create a comic-book feel translated in the movie. The uniqueness in all of the tonal elements in the movie is employed to achieve an ultimate end of the movie, which is to aestheticize violence. Marketing objectives for the film The majority of moviegoers’ age for this movie type would range from age 18 up to, possibly, 50 years old.

However, for this particular film, the target market would consist of a wider demographic. Initially, males of different ages would seem to be the most obvious and only target market for the film as it is movie on war. Most people would say females would have no interest on this particular genre. Considering the treatment of the film, however, would make one think otherwise. Since the focus of the story is not mostly on the technicalities of war, but on the anguish, suffering and revenge of the abused, the female demographic is also included. Aside from this, the film would also get the attention of the youth.

As young professionals already have the purchasing power, majority of this particular demographic would surely spend on entertainment. What the youth prefer, this film delivers: the film leans towards the unconventional and unpredictable genre, it shows just the right amount of action without capitalizing on blood and gore. When we say youth, we also include younger teenagers probably from 16 years of age. This particular age group would be old enough to understand the concepts of violence and war in the film, and is the most avid audience of upcoming movies.

As stated in the earlier paragraphs, the film would be positioned not as a war movie, but as one which tackles the heavy concept of war and revenge in a lighter, less violent manner. It is a movie of reclaiming freedom and honor. With the positioning of the movie stated, we can then say that the tempered violence in the movie would serve as one of the strengths of the movie. The tempered violence throughout the film would allow different profiles on an international scope to be included in the film’s target market. Therefore, the projected net profit for this film would be more than enough to cover production expenses.

Aside from this, since this is a story about the Nazi occupation, this film would turn many heads once the publicity of the movie would start. People from different nations would be interested in watching a movie on such a historical event. It would not be one of the movies which end up spending more than they earned. Also, the strength of Tarantino as a writer and director would quiet any raised eyebrows, for his skills and talent as both writer and director is undeniable as can be proven from his previous movies. Having him direct the film and write the screenplay would actually attract more audience for the film.

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