The influences of legislation Essay

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The influences of legislation

Compare and contrast the influences of legislation, legal factors and regulatory bodies on health and safety in sport How Fire safety of places of sport act (1987) has affected sports in England: This legislation has affected sports in England by making sports ground over all more safe, for example they have made more fire exits, and this will allow more people to evacuate in the occurrence of a fire. There is less chances of fires in stadiums now as they are now not made up of wood, the stands are predominantly plastic and concrete. This legislation has improved the safety of all of the spectators also by increasing the amount of police officers and stewards at the ground. This will stop football hooligans start fights, also it will decrease the chances of streackers running on the pitch and maybe causing the player harm. This act also has stopped the use of fences being used to stop fans from running onto the pitch.

Civil law:

This is a law that Bosman changed, he allowed players who had ended there contract with a team can go for free. It used to be the case in which the team they were going to had to pay a transfer fee. This allowed players not be stuck in a contract that can only be brought out by a different club or renewed, they could go to any club that had an interest free of charge.

Health and safety executive:

These people are there make sure that you employers do not take risks that may harm your health. This changed football as it made people more aware of the risks footballers go for, for example the coaches will have to stop frequently for drink breaks, if they don’t it effects the performance and health of the players and may even cause death. This has affected the game of football as health checks have been put in place to make sure not an extortionate amount of tress is being placed on the payers hearts and this may cause heart failure. This has made the game a lot safer and healthier.


This has affected the game of football as the coaches have made the game safer as they will be negligent if footballers are caused harm whilst they are playing football. This makes them more aware of the risks that they are taking when taking a session on football.

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