The influence of Nature and Nurture Essay

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The influence of Nature and Nurture

Can the influence of Nature and Nurture on two souls be compared? Nature and Nurture both determine Huck’s and Jim’s personality ad behavior. Nature gives them their inborn traits often. Nature is how they are treated, and Nurture is the society, who natures them, and society nurtured them.

Nature helps Huck become the person he is because the way your treated is the way you treat other people at times. Huck is thirteen whose place in society is second to a slave, like Jim. Huck’s father is a drunk who takes care of Huck from time to time. Repeatedly Huck is filthy and left homeless. The nurturing society has failed to protect Huck from his father, because they didn’t care for him, and nurture him. That doesn’t go for everyone though, Widow Douglas took Huck in and tried to ameliorate Huck. Huck starts church and proper schooling. Even though Huck is a child the nurturing that he receives pushes him away from the cynicism of the world around him, which brings about another way nurturing has made who Huck is.

At this time of age, African Americans were still in bondage as slaves, which brings about Jim in the story. Society does not nurture Jim; instead they treat him as an object of property. Huck doesn’t agree with this though, according to Huck’s sense of dialectic and fairness it’s not only acceptable but conscientiously good to help Jim. Huck’s natural reasoning and his acquiescence to think through a situation on its own entitlement is what leads him to some conclusions that are right in their appurtenance but would clash society. An example is when he meets a group of slave-hunters, that telling a lie is sometimes the right course of action, in other words that sometimes lying is the right thing to do.

Because Huck is a child, the world appears to be new to him. Everything he does is an instant for thought. Because of Huck’s past he does more than just bestow the rules that he has learned; Huck invents his own rules. Nevertheless, Huck is not indispensably a kind of autonomous ethical genius. Huck struggles with some of the prejudgment about African Americans, which society has inveterate in him. Unfortunately Huck ensue Tom Sawyer’s lead. These flaws are of Huck because nature nurtured him this way. This shows you that these flaws are a important element of what makes Huck enticing and compassionate. However Huck is still a boy and consequently deceptive. Impaired as Huck is, he symbolizes what everyone is able of becoming rational, feeling human being rather than a sprocket in the dogmatic instrument of society.

What makes Jim who he is Nature. If society didn’t treat him as an object he would be able to become better in all aspects. In the story Huckleberry Finn Jim is Huck’s friend that travels the Mississippi River with him. In the story Jim is portrayed as man of outstanding intellectual, and that he shows compassion to people, even if they don’t show it to him. When I first read about Jim he was portrayed as an idiot, but as I read further I found out that this was not true. Nature enabled Jim from acting boldly or speaking his mind, which at times made him seem like he wasn’t intelligent.

Even though he is held down by Natures way of nurturing him, Jim still finds it somewhere in his heart to be one of the most compassionate and caring person in this novel, and further more he cares for Huck, like a father would and like a friend. For example Jim cooks for Huck and shelters him from the incidents like when he finds Pa’s corpse, and kept it from him. Overall Jim I believe that Jim cannot control the way Natures nurtures him, and Huck, is the goodness in the society, even though Nature in its nurturing ways corrupted Huck.

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