The Influence of Musical Theatre on Dance Essay

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The Influence of Musical Theatre on Dance

One of the things that can make or break a new type of musical is the dance routines. All these difference dance types mostly made their first appearances on stage. When you take a good look at musical theatre in general, you can see that one set of dance routines differs from one musical to another. Yet what they have in common is their effect on dance and dance trends.

Take a look at “Lord of the Dance” which looked to bring and expand Irish Riverdance throughout North America.. It’s a great dance routine to do when you’re at a traditional Irish pub. Riverdance has definitely become a dance trend and will remain that way for the years to come. There is a strong significance of Riverdance in Irish history and culture. And the Irish has a strong influence with a lot of contributions to American culture.

This is one aspect on how musical theatre has very much influenced the dance trends. Folk dances from various countries were introduced to North America through musical theatre. Dance is very much one of the most crucial tools to tell a story. You have to attend classes and workshops to pick up on these new dance routines that debuted at the recent stage musicals. But this isn’t limited to just North America. Musical theatre has inspired dance trends all across the entire globe.

Dance has always been popular worldwide, but the influence of American theater is felt all over the world since it’s ability to put that dance into a medium that audiences would enjoy and imitate meant that the theater dancing of America would indeed go further towards influencing other countries and audiences to the joy of dance.

Indian musical theatre has shown Indian folk dance. It was all modernized and became trendy in all sorts of Bollywood musicals and music videos. Having seen my fair share of Bollywood-style music videos, it is apparent that musical theatre influenced dance trends in India.

Asia’s musical theatres have influenced dance trends throughout Asia.

American ragtime and folk musical theatre has very much influenced dance trends in this country. Anybody who has been keeping track of American musical theatre should be keeping up with the new types of dance routines. When there are dance routines, the choreographers that teach at classes and workshops, and then the people attend those classes. American musical theatre is the one place to catch all the latest trends of dance in the world.

Those dance routines are spread to the various dance communities. And then there are spread to the general public. You got tap and jazz dancing that was introduced by American musical theatre and you got people adopting those routines as trends.

Mucical Theatre will always influence dance trends. From the great musicals of the past to the modern ones of today, each creates its own unique interpretation of dance for generations to come. Although the props change and the costumes differ from those elegant dresses of the Follies era, dance has been brought up to date, though the theme that remains is that no matter which style of musical, the spectacle is firmly rooted in the influences gained by a past that has strengths that people remember and love.

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